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Improvement pill here when I started
having a more active dating life in New York City I ended up bringing a lot of
my dates to the same place for the very first dates and literally every single
girl that I've brought on these dates wanted to see me again so today I want
to share a few exactly what I did where I went and the mindset I had on
these dates so hopefully you can get some inspiration and apply some of this
stuff to your own dating life as well okay so there's a large parking Queens
that I used to bring my dates to it's right next to the East River and also
close to one of the schools that I went to when I was a lot younger so I'm very
familiar with the area and that's one thing you should keep in mind for first
dates you should bring your date to a place that you're already familiar with
so that you feel more comfortable you don't have to worry about getting lost
you might already know some of the people there and you might even have
some interesting stories about the location that you can share anyways what
I usually do is I tell my day to meet me at the train station in the early
afternoon I make sure to tell them not see lunch and you'll see why in a second
when they arrive we start walking to the park together which is not too far away
it's like a ten minute walk and about halfway there we come across a small
track in a schoolyard at this point in time I'll say something along the lines
of hey Zone so let's make a bet I'll race you around this track and the loser
buys lunch and I'm so confident that I'm gonna win that I'll even give you a
five-second no no no you know what I'll give you a 10-second head start and
every time I've challenged one of my dates to this little competition they've
said yes now the reason I do this is because I personally love games and
challenges and bets and things like that this is what I consider to be fun what I
consider to be exciting which is why right out the gate I want to be showing
them this part of my personality because if they aren't into it then chances are
we're not gonna have a good relationship down the line I don't want to be wasting
my time with someone who's not compatible with me and that's the
mentality you need to have when it comes to dating the point of the first date is
to see if she's compatible with you if she isn't it's totally fine there's more
fish in the sea but to be honest I don't I've ever been on a date with a girl who
didn't like to play along I think games and challenges are almost universally
liked by just about everyone right there's a reason why everyone says that
they want to feel like a kid again because when you're a kid you don't have
any worries in the world and all you do is run around playing games it's fun
it's way better than being an adult that's for sure
so when you're able to bring back that same sort of fun energy from those good
old days when you're on a date with someone you become a very memorable
person most people want to date someone that makes them feel young and wild and
free again not someone who makes them feel old a serious and stressed that's
my philosophy when it comes to romantic relationships so anyways we race
sometimes they do in fact win and sometimes they lose regardless of what
happens I bring them to the pizza place on the next block the loser buys a
couple of slices and that's lunch I never take my dates out to fancy
restaurants for the first date I think it's better to save that for a special
occasion later down the road if we do end up dating for a longer period of
time so I always end up taking them to more casual places like a pizza place or
a fast food joint like Taco Bell okay so we sit down and we quickly eat the pizza
we chat a bit and once we finish we start walking to our next destination
which is the park and it's only like two minutes away and as we walk into the
park I start telling stories now I spent many years hanging out in this park
after school of my classmates when I was a kid so I do have a bunch of crazy
stories and like I mentioned before this is an extremely good thing because you
want to be sharing interesting stories about yourself you want to make your
life seem exciting and adventurous people are attracted to those traits
it's just human nature so I'll tell you one of my stories right now close to the
entrance of this park are a couple of trash cans that they put fallen leaves
into whenever fall comes around so one day after school when we were all
hanging out a friend of mine decided to light one of the trash cans that was
filled with leaves on fire and it was a very impressive fire I had never seen a
fire so big before so we all gather around to watch this giant metal can
burn and that's when I'm not even kidding
out of nowhere what looked like a blind man walking his dog stopped right next
to us and pulled out a badge he was an undercover cop and he yelled at us what
the hell are you kids doing are you stupid
get away from that fire right just leave the trashcan alone don't touch it don't
touch it let the fire burn out on its own I guess from his perspective the
situation was contained to just the trashcan I mean to be fair in the moment
he was right the fire was getting smaller and it did seem like it was
going to die out on its own so after scolding us a bit more he left
but we decided to stay there and watch the fire burn out and that's when all of
a sudden it became very windy and an intense gust of wind blew by and picked
up the flames and spread it onto the dry patches of grass around the trashcan and
next thing you know there were a handful of little fires starting and growing all
around us it was a crazy scene I mean we could have honestly burned this entire
part down if we didn't do anything so we freaked out and all of the kids in
our group took off our hoodies and we were like hitting the flames and trying
to stomp them out with our shoes because we were trying to prevent this thing
from spreading we had to save the park but the main problem was that the
trashcan was still on fire and it was still windy as hell if we didn't get rid
of it new flames would just continue to be picked up by the wind and spread so
three of us picked up the trash can and we ran across the street and we chucked
the entire thing into the East River and that's the story of the time we saved
this entire park so I guess you could say we're local heroes and these are the
types of stories that I would tell on a first date and whenever I'm telling one
of these stories I'm reenacting the entire scene I'm pretending to be the
blind cop walking the dog I'm stopping imaginary flames out on the floor I'm
getting really into it and the whole time my date is laughing her ass off
because it's a bizarre an interesting story and by the time I finished telling
my tale were pretty deep into the park and we get to the second big event that
I have planned for today but before I tell you what that is I
want to quickly ask you for some help okay so I plan on doing more dating
advice and relationship videos for the channel because recently I've actually
been spending a lot of time traveling the world meeting new people and going
on a ton of dates so I've accumulated a lot of interesting stories all with
powerful lessons that I can make videos on and here's where you come in let me
know in the comments down below what sort of issues you face in your own
dating life so I can get a good idea for what videos to make down the line and
also make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon so you don't miss my future
videos on dating and social skills because trust me I'm about to approach
these topics from a completely different angle than what you're used to anyways
back to the story at hand alright so this park is attached to a
bridge and there's a hill that you can climb that will allow you to then climb
onto the ledge for one of the giant pillars that holds up this bridge so at
this point we're pretty deep in the park we're approaching the bridge and that's
when I tell my dates have follow me up the hill I don't tell them what we're
about to do because the moment we reach the ledge they automatically realize
what's about to happen and they're always very hesitant to come along
because it's actually pretty scary see if you walk along this ledge you will
eventually get to a point where you're like 15 feet above the ground and the
ledge is also slanted at like a 25 degree angle so it feels like you could
slide off very easily and if you fall at this height you're probably not gonna
die but it'll definitely mess up your legs so I always tell my date come on
come on it's safe trust me I used to do this all the time you're
not gonna fall and at first they're always like no no this is too scary but
I eventually convinced them to slowly climb the ledge with me we put our backs
up against the wall and we slowly inch our way to the very end and when we get
to the end I have them sit down with me for a couple of minutes to enjoy the
view when you're 15 feet above the ground in this location you can see the
beautiful New York City skyline and a large chunk of the river it's actually
very very beautiful but the whole time your palms are sweating
and your hearts racing super fast cuz again it's slanted so you feel like
you're about to fall off the entire time and this is actually a good thing
because danger can cause attraction when your heart is racing and you with
someone you actually become more attracted to them because you associate
the excitement with that person now I don't plan this with this fact in mind I
bring my dates to spot because when I was a kid I remember
the rush of excitement that I felt the first time I climbed it and I want to
share that memorable experience with my date
so after hanging out on the ledge we moved to a playground which is like two
minutes away and here we play on the monkey bars and the slides and we even
play on the swings for a bit where I make sure to push them extra high until
they're screaming for me to stop just to mess with them a bit more again this is
something that I do on a lot of my dates I'm always trying to push their buttons
push them to the edge of their comfort zone because that's where excitement and
fun comes from and by doing so they will associate these positive emotions with
you and they'll want to see you again now this brings us to the last big event
for today so this park overlooks one of the largest rivers in New York City and
you can actually climb over the railing down onto the bank of this river when I
was a kid we would often climb down and skip rocks here but the thing is the
area is super super polluted there's trash everywhere broken wooden planks
with rusty nails scattered all over the place
stinky seaweed and the occasional dead animal and to top all of that off when
you climb down there you immediately realize that there's just as many glass
shards as there are rocks the glass shards aren't dangerous because the
running water has made them smooth over the years but it's still a dirty sketchy
looking place it looks like if you get cut down there you get tetanus all of my
dates have been extremely hesitant to climb down to the bank but just like
with the ledge I end up convincing them to come down again I'm trying to push
her to the edge of her comfort zone when they finally climb down the first thing
I do is teach them how to skip rocks and here's where I make sure to step up the
amount of physical contact I have with my date now I should have mentioned this
before when I'm on dates I'm making sure to touch my date casually throughout the
day see touch is something that is extremely important when it comes to
forming romantic relationships when you use touch correctly the entire
experience becomes more intimate and there's also more sexual tension which
is a very good thing because no sexual tension means that you'll end up in the
friend zone okay so throughout the day I'm making
sure to touch my date in very casual ways such as a tap on the shoulder a
high-five or even having our thighs touch when we're sitting
the ledge this way they start to feel more comfortable with the idea of
touching you but when we're down on the bank of the river and I'm teaching them
how to skip rocks I make sure to step it up a bit just to show them that hey I
like you and I'm not afraid to get a little bit more intimate with you so I'm
doing things like holding their hands to show them how to throw the rocks I'm
standing behind them adjusting their bag so they can get into the right throwing
posture nothing too crazy but also something that you wouldn't normally do
with just a friend if people saw you touching your date like this from afar
they would assume that you guys were a couple so after a while we're
successfully skipping rocks and we're talking getting to know each other even
better and of course I'm telling some more stories there's a story about the
time we went into the sewers further down the bank and we bumped into some
homeless people in the actual sewer system there's a story about the time
one of our friends decided to swim in the river and a giant cargo ship came by
and it almost hit him he almost died and there's even a ghost story from over a
hundred years ago about a ship that caught on fire in this very River and
where hundreds of people died and how sometimes you can see strange green
lights moving up and down the bank ooh scary and it's between stories where I
usually go in for the first kiss which I guess I should make a video on down the
line because there's a lot going on when that happens but that's basically it we
hang out on the bank until the Sun starts to set and once that happens we
climb back up and I walk them back to the train station so that they can go
home there's one last thing I want to leave you guys with before we wrap this
up everything that happens on these dates are things that I genuinely enjoy
I enjoy challenges like the race in the beginning I enjoy telling the crazy
stories from my past I enjoy having a little bit of a daredevil experience I
enjoy playing on the swings and skipping rocks when I shared these experiences
with someone else they get a taste of fun and adventure something that is
quite rare nowadays something that is quite hard to replicate by bringing
someone to a coffee shop or a restaurant or the movies for first date and that's
why most of my first dates are so successful because I leave a strong
lasting impression I become someone they can't forget and that's what you should
aim to do to again make sure you subscribe and hit that Bell icon because
there's gonna be a lot our videos on dating that you definitely
don't want to miss and besides that guys stay tuned

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