Tent camping in the snow – 2 Nights

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i hope it does snow while i'm here that's 
the forecast i don't know if there'll be much   whether it will settle or not it'll be really 
nice to see some snow as well what am i doing   here i am enjoying myself i'm enjoying the snow 
bruce is having a fantastic time honestly he   couldn't be having a better time right now i am 
enjoying being in the snow i love the snow yuck ask me if i'm having fun now got 1300 
meters aren't we brucy and it's been raining for half an hour quite hard 
let's put my hat on and it's cold   but as long as i push hard i'll stay warm 
obviously i'm drenched i'm not wearing a raincoat   there's no point to just sweat so much it defeats 
the object just end up getting dehydrated so yeah   push on i've got another i'd say just 
under an hour to go bruce is going nuts right gotta get there and then   it looks like this weather's really coming in so 
i don't have much time to get my tarp and tent   set up and get warm clothes or dry clothes 
on um obviously you don't want to stop long   in these sorts of conditions temperature wise it's 
um when i just looked it's four degrees centigrade   so pretty chilly uh when you're wet and at the 
tops where i'm going it'll be windy as well   so there'll be wind chill factory as well to 
take into account okay see at the campsite oh it's probably coming down now oh we've made it breaking out of the bush you know when you've seen 
some of my previous videos will recognize this ah this is the saddle and 
there's brucey bruce come here   he loves this spot he knows it so well 
now every nook and cranny of it he knows   right i'm gonna go over to a camp spot i'm 
gonna find somewhere in the trees up there it's either that or camp at the very top there hmm   let me get there and work it out 
come back to you okay found my spot what i'm going to do is uh the wind is coming 
from that way generally uh it is going to   switch to that way i've got my small one-person 
hillberg una temp with me and i've got a 3×3 tarp   um not a huge amount of space here but that's okay 
because what i want to do is try and angle the top   down the side of it as a slight wind break on 
this side and sit under it here put my tent here   um it's relatively flat enough i mean i 
reckon my temp will just go here there   should be plenty of room and it's only got 
one door and i'm going to face that that way   to sit out under the tub all right let's get 
on with it i think i'm going to put the uh i'm going to put the tent 
up first and then the top so yeah hilleberg first time 
i've owned a one-man tent quite excited to use it big fan of hillberg as 
you're probably aware now the tent comes with   obviously pegs and poles but what i've done is i've swapped the poles out   for the poles from my striker which 
are one mil thicker so stronger uh the reason for that is we've got snow 
coming we're on the tops and you just   never know i figured why not if i've 
already got the poles why not use them okay so need to find out where the door is   okay it's this side good all right let's 
make sure the inner doesn't get wet clear the sticks out the way that 
bruce has finally been put in here dragging sticks everywhere actually oh 
it's cold i tell you my hands are freezing and all i've got on is my rain jacket 
that's it nothing else just that shirt okay the good thing about this tent is as with all 
these four season hillberg tents you can set it up   in the rain like so it doesn't uh 
the rain doesn't get onto the inner so that should keep it nice and dry   right so i think you need to peg out 
one end and then stick the poles in so yeah these are the 10 mil striker poles but i'm using the pegs that it comes with oh my hands are so cold fingers are cold i think it's pretty much i think it's like one 
degree now something like that so i don't know   what you call these v pegs something like that no 
bruce no not on the tent off off off naughty bruce he's like i want to go over there 
though i'm going to do what i want to do   you've got a problem with 
that yes i do bruce okay so round's pretty soft which could be a good and a bad thing okay 
i think i want to angle it slightly okay let's get the poles in so it's just two 
poles the reason i went with the una is because uh the poles are sealed in a runner   i'll explain what that means but the poles are 
not exposed whereas with my sticker they're   exposed and with i think it's called the sulo yeah 
solo something like that they're exposed as well   well i don't like that because in freezing 
conditions and once they're wet they're   then a nightmare to get out so you see they're 
completely covered by this sleeve the whole way now i did set this up at home it is brand new   i did set this up at home just to see 
what it was like and how to really do it and i just pick up things come out came out i mean and i figured that 
pegging it in makes it a bit easier now we're looking we in the end there almost i know all you're doing is watching brucie i 
know he's behind me eating a stick or something   all right that wasn't so bad and they're gonna go in these little 
cups at the end cool that's one in let's get the other one i know it's the bruce show he 
knows it's the bruce show as well thank you bruce gosh he's 
chewing every stick possible uh oh my fingers can barely feel them one of the simplest things honestly 
that i've ever owned to set up all right we're in action i'm in business   so you tighten these holes up all 
right sure there's no sticks underneath oh that's good okay can you see bruce 
under there bruce you've got so many fans   all right that is looking good and then just got to peg it out now i'm 
not sure yet how i want to do this i've got a lot of space out the 
front here that i probably don't need   so i'm going to bring it forward 
a bit i think mined up bruce he doesn't care he's not going to get out the   way i know you can't see him 
around here come on good boy so okay so wind is coming from that way so i 
want this as a bit of a wind break really all right now top ah i don't know how i'm going to do the top yet 
most important thing is to get the tent done okay um looking good okay then you gotta dye it out but 
tighten these straps on the top first like so i'm not expecting gale force winds or anything but should have put my gloves on i'm warming up a bit now just my hands are cold losing daylight as well i think 
i've only got an hour left just okay that's not going anywhere yep that's not going anywhere that 
will take hell of a lot of wind   all right now the tarp i'm gonna set that up okay oh cold i have no idea how i'm gonna set this top up yet it's not that this is a bad spot 
it's just a little bit awkward   because it's a three by three top it's a big tarp i might have to set it up as a triangular setup yep that should work so the type i've got 
with me is a new one that i got from amazon it's the gold armor 3×3 top i don't know anything 
really about this tarp i have taken it out just   to check it all i've done is i've changed to my 
own paracord my own guidelines and my own pegs just because the ones it comes with are not great it's got these handy clips on the 
end got a lot of tie-off points we shall see okay so what i might do is put a 
corner up to the tree that's behind the camera and see if i can fit it past this tree here maybe an angle going down that way and just have it close up against the tree and then tie it lengthways long 
line back to that tree over there   so what i want to do is have it just 
covering the tent only partially just enough that the rain isn't going to come in 
the front door if i have that open that's kind of my favorite way of 
doing it okay so there's a corner so i need to attach a really long guy 
line and take that all the way over there should work just need to find a long guy line the longest one i got looks like this one okay i could even set up a ridge line and drape the top over the top of it okay you can't see bruce he's 
just lying down over here   okay so what i'll probably do is yeah do this 
ridge line what have i got at the end here right in business ridgeline time so i want the 
ridgeline to go as close to center as possible   or do i actually be pretty good all 
right it should be tidy enough okay so i've got some prostate knots already here   so what i'll do is just slide 
that along a bit it's the corner okay that should do it she can probably go back a bit further i know you've got guys who are from i don't know   canada and the states and it's freezing 
there i know it's not that cold here but believe me it feels flipping freezing 
and i can't feel my fingers at all oh that's nice and tight perfect okay and if i have to it's got these toggles up here that i 
could attach up above if i needed to   but hopefully that's not gonna be necessary just gotta figure out how to get this to a format 
that i want maybe block some wind if necessary oh yeah it does perfectly oh yeah that's gonna work right uh oh okay i think we're pretty 
much there this is a bit ugly i don't necessarily think i 
have to do anything about it i don't think we're gonna get any pooling who's that look have i got lots of room 
yeah plenty of room right i'm all set up i'm pretty happy with it nothing's pooling   yeah this top has got so many toggles on it that i 
can just if i have to tie it off more or whatever   um this is a great windbreak the wind 
is hitting the side of the top here   but i can't feel it at all it's great uh a 
change of clothes on with jumper on got my gloves   i'm gonna get those on oh my seal skin waterproof 
gloves right first thing i'm going to do is   so i've got half an hour of light left i've 
got a whole ass and go and get some water   so i need to get that done now before it gets 
dark so i'm gonna get my headlamp on just in case bruce is gonna come with me and then it'll 
be time for sorting out some dinner okay right leave the beanie 
behind it's a bit of a schlep get my water bottles get over there god it's cold what's call for here anyway and it's going to get colder so it's it's 
almost zero now it's going to go down to -10   in two days time uh sorry in a day's time and 
minus i don't know what wind chill but very cold   wind chill chilly okay let's get cracking i'll 
come back to you i'm ready to do a hot drink oh i know you want your dinner in a minute 
gracie just have to wait a sec just have to wait   right i've got the water oh i've actually got a down jacket 
with me which i need to put on um i don't know if you can see bruce lying 
in front of the camera here at my feet   um i like the spot i like this type setup i've 
got a view that way out up to the mountains   i can see all the forest around the 
wind is blowing in from this direction   and because i've got the tarp angled 
down there's no breeze here at all it's just silence it's lovely but it's really   howling just above yeah this is nice it's a shame 
that i won't probably be able to have a fire   um tomorrow i'll have a look around for 
some firewood but tonight there's just   it's almost dark now you can't tell on the 
camera but it is it's getting dark really quickly   so i want i want to get a drink 
on i need a nice cup of coffee and i know bruce wants some dinner um that's right brucey i know you want your dinner oh for my regular followers i've got a 
pan non-stick pan not a tranjer though others other people have been sending me pictures 
of their transgender non-stick pan i'm very   jealous i've liked this huge thing up here oil maple syrup didn't forget the maple 
syrup this time brucey got it with me yeah now oh bruce's bag is hanging on the tree behind   so i need to go and get 
that it's got his food in it lovely ah i'm so happy i mean a fire would 
make this place absolutely perfect but   it's winter it takes a long time to get up 
here and it did take a long time to get up here yeah it's winter it took a long time and i just can't go and get firewood at the moment 
it's going to be dark soon almost dark now bruce you're such a good boy you're 
waiting so patiently for your dinner he's hungry he i'm not gonna eat yet   he'll have his own food i might 
give him a little bit of mine later okay let's dig this in is that good yep that's very cold so this might take 
a while no it took straight away good okay that's a first i've got my smaller transient with 
me this time what's it called the uh i can't remember i think it's the 27 the 
smaller one oh all i can see is my breath   gonna do a full boil i need two cups of coffee right okay let me get bruce's 
dinner over here stay bruised i'm just gonna have a bit of weight bruce 
he's gonna have a bit of mine later as well not much i don't want him getting fat he was 
just at the vet just had his health check   and he is perfect perfect weight go on then good boy what's the matter come on have you dinner oh i think bruce is feeling sick come on then   oh he's got a stick stuck in his mouth come on 
can you find it what's the matter bruce we got   something stuck let me have a look oh dear 
oh bruce what have you done okay okay okay what's the matter what's happened 
can you not eat what's wrong brucey uh i don't know what's wrong with him he's 
not eating don't you dinner what's the matter   oh something's wrong with brucey 
let me have a look in your face   it's all right it's all right [ __ ] let me see if 
you hurt have you lost a tooth let me have a look   he's salivating but i can't 
tell what's wrong with him there seems to be anything 
missing let me see inside brucey   open it's all right it's all 
right it's okay let me see okay he's got something stuck in his mouth   it's all right brucey maybe he needs to drink 
water to get it out give him some water and see not sure what's in there got some water yeah this is a problem so bruce's definitely got 
something wrong he was fine a second ago was   just about to start eating but he's got something 
jammed in his mouth and i can't see what it is okay let me have a look it's all right here come here bruce come here   let me see inside your mouth okay 
it's all right it's all right let me have a look open bruce open your 
mouth it's okay good boy okay sorry [ __ ] that's right oh okay hang on okay bruce ah there we go got it there oh he 
had a little stone in his mouth   there you go found it and now 
he's having his dinner good boy yeah he's he's done that before   so if your dog doesn't eat but wants 
to eat you can tell just have a look uh once we almost took him to the vet because 
we couldn't work out what was wrong yes   he had a stick wedged right at the top of his 
mouth yeah yeah that was a horrible poor thing   he was pouring away we couldn't work out what 
was wrong with him worked it out in the end okay now i've got his bed out here ready wow he's eaten that already 
that was so quick brucy ugh some water there some water okay yeah i've got this little camping mat here come 
on bruce come on here come and lay down good boy right i'm gonna let this boil up and then get 
my coffee on and come back to you afterwards   got my expedition down jacket on now and i've got 
bruce's blanket because he won't lie on his bed   i've tried to put him on his bed tried to put 
his blanket on him he just gets up and walks   over there i don't know if you can see 
him he's just down here he's funny it's   just not cold for him if he starts feeling cold 
he'll come and curl up he knows the routine uh   oh it would be so nice to have a fire right now 
ugh i could have one right here that'd be lovely   maybe tomorrow that'll be my mission 
tomorrow go hunting for firewood oh that's nice a hot drink so behind the 
camera the mountains the cloud is coming in so the forecast is tomorrow i think it's rain all day   and then i think it might turn into snow not 
100 sure um that doesn't bother me snow is fine if i had a fire would be nice the only thing 
with snow is that the way i've got the tarp   set up is not the best it will sink but i 
can just bash it off it won't be a problem and the direction of the wind is 
going to come from that direction here so there won't be any risk of 
snow blowing in this way i hope   but yeah if it changes then i'll sort 
it out the wind changes direction   be interesting see what it's like in this tent so 
it's a one-man tent with a difference there's no   vestibule um so the reason i went for this is i 
always bring a tarp with me pretty much all the   time even if i'm right up the tops and i've got 
to use two walking bowls i bring a tarp with me so what that does is it renders a vestibule sort 
of out of action there's no point even having it   so that's extra fabric extra size so what this 
does is instead of having a vestibule they just   get rid of the vegetable and 
make the inner tent a bit wider   and i think it's i can't remember for sure 
i think it's 110 centimeters wide 1.1 meters which is for me and bruce that's plenty of 
room he can curl up next to me on his bed   no problem at all if he's wet it's okay 
i've dry him off with his special towel   and put his blanket on him and then it won't 
get wet on me uh there's even room in there   then to have my pack if i want to have it 
in there with me uh and any other gear so   yeah because i carry a tarp i really don't need 
the vestibule so we'll see how this works out   it's just one door this is it and it only opens 
this this side you can fold the entire thing back   but i've just got it half open because 
why would i need the whole thing open yeah there's plenty of space between 
the outer tent fabric and the inner tent   so i'm hoping condensation's not going to 
be an issue it doesn't look like it would be yeah fingers crossed and it's a four season 
tent now it's not a black version they've   got this thing called black version 
hillberg this is a red version tent   it is a four season tent but it uses um   what comes with it are nine millimeter poles into 
10 mil uh different pegs so black version has much   stronger heavier pegs and the material is much 
thicker heavier stronger on a black version tent if i thought i was coming up into a mega a mega 
snowstorm well if i thought that was coming then   i probably wouldn't use a tarp anyway so 
i'd use my striker just by itself yeah because the striker is a black 
version 10 and set up for that this top uh is pretty cheap yeah it's a three by 
three meter top so what is that 10 foot by 10 foot   gold armor i'll put a link to it um so far i like what i see 
it's you know it's seam sealed   and it looks like it was machine 
seam sealed not hand sealed it's got reinforcements around the exterior 
attachments whether they leak or not i don't   know there's no seam sealant on these i can't 
tell so i can't say for sure um i don't know   what the material is i'll have to put that in the 
description as well or you can just look it up   you don't have to get the camouflage 
version i just that's the one i clicked   on um but so far i'm liking it i like the 
fact it's got so many attachment points   um on the top of the tarp especially running along 
the ridgeline and everywhere else there's loads   they are just everywhere it's got them 
both directions which you don't usually see it just means you can reinforce 
everything much better   way more options for guying out and tying to 
different things yeah very nice hopefully it's   waterproof it seems it so far there's not a 
drop coming through i'm bone dry under here happy days just trying to work out where this rain 
has come from up here but i think it's   just dropped off the trees here but tonight 
i'm actually going to close the door anyway   because it's going to be cold and it'll be 
nice and warm in here when it's all zipped up   it's only got one small vent that does 
concern me is the vent is tiny up the top here   and it doesn't vent all the way around it just 
depends at the front because this top section   stops the airflow from flowing in all 
directions so it only vents out the front here   so we'll see one of the main reasons that tents   do have a lot of condensation is from the ground 
and obviously the vestibule adds to that problem   so this has got no vestibule vestibules 
so hopefully there'll be less condensation   because of it hillberg tents are pretty good 
at controlling condensation so we'll see and it'll be interesting sleeping 
next to bruce in a one-man tent usually i'm in a two-man but this really 
does look like a two-man tent inside   it is quite big but i just know it's not because 
the top of it is quite narrow so sitting up you're   really feeling it the walls of the tent are very 
close to you it's just the floor is very wide so i   like that hilleberg una yeah very nice quality 
as usual is superb just everything about it   the zippers pegs the attachments the inner 
material yeah that's a material it's just   you know hillberg are not cheap products 
they're very expensive this is the last una   that hillberg had their next 
available ones i think were november   they sent me their last one i had to come 
from the states which was very nice of them   um yeah everyone else was on waiting list 
i think so very lucky to get hold of this hopefully i'll give a better review 
after i've slept in it the night   but so far i'm liking what i see now i do have some packet meals that i could i could have to keep me going um yeah i should do that and 
then my main dinner later   so i've got this real permit that was 
given sent to me by my subscriber lin real term is is it norwegian or finnish or 
swedish it's one of them i can never remember   it's nordic though either way and you just had 
add hot water uh so maybe i'll have one of those   it's got a lot of calories in it have one 
of those and then that will keep me going   until later when i can have my main dinner okay so i'm gonna have real term at pulled pork so you just tear to open it you 
add hot water up to the fill line stir well close the ziplock and 
leave to rest for eight minutes about right right down into the bottom of it okay seal it back up and then leave it for eight minutes you can eat it straight from the pack so trick of the trade set timer for 
eight minutes and here comes the rain beautiful the spot is so beautiful when it 
snows i hope it does snow while i'm here   that's the forecast i don't know 
if there'll be much whether it will   settle or not it'll be really 
nice to see some snow as well how much time oh there you go eight minutes okay it's food time let's see that's really good but yeah 
i will add just a tiny bit of water almost make it more soup-like okay i'll finish this and come back to you later now that i've had that meal that should 
help but i think what i feel like is a cigar   i think it's cigar time oh you know what it's brandy time and this is a very special one this 
is from a subscriber in moldova   so yeah he sent me this moldovan cognac uh brandy cheers and cheers to moldova 
thank you very much my friend that's very smooth very smooth wow i'm really staggered how smooth that is 
you know i need to warm that up a bit uh i'm gonna save my beers for tomorrow 
hopefully for when i've got a campfire going i don't know if you can see bruce or not i   don't know where he is bruce roy 
let's see if he pops out bruce you might see him pop up behind me 
there he is he has so much fun up   here he loves this spot he just knows it 
so well in the snow he really loves it   he loves the snow he'll go and sit out in the snow 
for hours he's crazy i can see he's disappeared up   into the tussocks he just doesn't care he loves 
it he comes back so when i'm under the top and he's staying with me in the top uh he 
doesn't come and sit he doesn't come and   come to bed and stay there next to me so i 
mean if it's snowing i'll feel him sort of   i don't know one o'clock in the morning i 
suddenly feel him come and nestle up next to me   um because i can't put him to bed he won't 
stay he won't stay under a blanket or anything   he just won't not until he's ready to go to bed   he's just he just wants to go and lie out have fun 
look at the moon look at the snow look for animals so yeah i feel him come and lie next to 
me and then i put his blanket on him and   everything else and sometimes i 
drape my coat over the top of him   if i don't think the blanket's enough yeah 
he's gonna be warm in the sleep in this tent oh i'm sure there will be plenty of you saying oh 
that's not cold zero minus one it is it really is when you don't have a fire 
and you're just sitting there   under a tarp out in the open it really is 
cold there's no two ways about it it's gold right i'm literally going to chill i'm going 
to finish my cigar i have a bit more brandy   and i think the next time you're 
going to see me is uh in bed because i don't want to sit out here anymore 
because it's so cold i'm so looking forward   to tomorrow and i can have a fire yeah 
okay i'll see you at bed so tucked in   quite a bit later now it took me 
a while to finish that cigar and   brandy and i've got a little man here with 
me he still wants to go out and play he is   on his bed he has got his blanket on top 
of him i've dried him off never night   when i say dried him off he's still a wet 
dog he won't be cold tonight um i've got my   down jacket on top of him as well bruce are 
you staying stay in it's good boy stay in um yeah he's gonna be toasty maybe too warm but he'll 
i'll just pull my i'll pull my jacket off him   later i'm gonna leave the vent open he's looking 
out going dead come on let me go out and play   a bit more just a bit more it's cozy in here 
already see i've got enough room for me and him easily actually easily enough room i   am up against the edge here but i 
don't think it would be a problem i've got my this is a very big sleeping pad i've got lots of room that way and 
this way see my head's not touching   the tent so it's a good length 
this tent it really is yeah yeah oh i've got the tarp 
over top so i'm more secure   he he's now i don't know if you can see but he's 
actually resting his head outside the tent he   russie hey come here what's over here no no no 
no no no lie down lie down lie down lie down   oh oh yes so he's trying to edge further further 
out of the tent because he wants to go and play   even though it's now minus one out there minus 
two and raining he's not he's not ready for bed   not until he gets cold and i can feel him through 
this blanket he's so warm oh my god he's giving   off so much heat please keep that poor inside i 
know what you're doing i know what your plan is   he's planning the great escape he's so toasty fine 
hello hello my lovely i know we've had a good feed   i didn't cook up what i was gonna have for dinner you'll see that tomorrow i'll cook it 
tomorrow um stay in bruce enough now um but he had a bit of extra food as well which is why he's so warm and full of beans but 
yeah he's on his pad he'll be fine once i close   this up and he's got no choice then we'll just go 
to sleep but right now i'm just sort of holding on   to him bringing him back inside good boy because 
otherwise he's gonna do a runner out there so   this is what happened so when i'm in a tarp with 
him yeah he's just gone bruce stay in honestly   yeah he's just gone he'll just be out playing all 
night and yeah i feel him sort of this wet thing   come and nuzzle up against me this i'm usually in 
a bivvy bag though if i'm under if i'm in a tarp so yeah i like it i don't see the point having 
the vestibule if you've got a tarp honestly   so so far so good look i'll report in the 
morning what it's been like to be in here   um it is smaller than a two-person msr 
tent or whatever because it goes to a point   up the top here so the walls 
are you know that right here   whereas in the msr they're vertical you do have 
more space i definitely do but it depends how long   what if you're if you've got the tarp you're 
not going to be spending much time in here   unless it's brutal outside uh yeah you're not 
really going to be spending any time in here so   suits me down to the ground all right 
everybody it's time for bed time to go to sleep   catch you in the morning i don't think anything's 
gonna happen in the middle of the night   not with the tarp set up everything else so see you in the morning good night everybody back to bed bruce go to sleep lie 
down no bruise come on lay down yeah it's howling outside go to sleep chrissy it's quite a lot of condensation in here now it's been chucking down for ages everything's misting up in here actually compensation is not too bad 
so you can expect wet though check it out i don't know if you can 
see that it's pretty wet actually it is quite bad as i 
feared this one vent isn't enough yeah it's howling he's chucking 
down it's been like this for hours so much right now i'll see you in the morning good morning good morning everyone my name greasy   you dry hmm finally yeah oh it 
was really coming down all night   and then that morning as i predicted the 
condensation in here that vent just wasn't enough   so it's pretty wet um i don't know but you know 
it's more than just me i had a wet dog in here   as well so i guess that's understandable the 
sleeping bag is pretty soaked oh josh must   keep stroking must keep stroking not allowed to 
stop oh he's got such a warm tummy he kicked his   blanket off in the middle night it was freezing 
and he kicked his blanket off in the middle of the   night he didn't want it i tried putting it back 
on no it kicked off again don't want it he was hot he's got such a thick winter coat now and 
plus this pad that he's on it's reflectic so   it bounces all the heat straight back 
into him so it's got a really warm tummy   oh it's so grim outside it really is grim it's been i don't think it stopped raining at all 
all night and the wind has been howling the last   five five hours really howling he wants 
to go out go on then bruce off you go yeah so wind is howling which ah to be honest 
is a good thing because it might help dry the   inside of the tent out and i can hang 
my sleeping bag up and it might dry it i'm hoping it stops raining for a bit and then 
i can set up a bit of a washing line to dry the   stuff out because i hate drying stuff out over a 
fire because it stinks to smoke and also you don't   want to do that with your sleeping bag anyway the 
embers will just burn a hole straight through it   no problem uh yeah the outside of my sleeping 
bag is pretty drenched obviously i'm dry inside um but what i'm going to do is put the rest of 
my clothes i'm going to put on put them in my   sleeping bag now with me so they're nice and warm 
when i put them on and then i'll come back to you   for coffee all right i'm up i'm out now 
brucey what have you done with your bowl   whose wants his breakfast and it started snowing 
i actually think it was snowing in the night   because it sounded like this it was on and off that's your bowl the only one here happy about 
it snowing is gonna be bruce right now because it's freezing it's cold 
and it's grim i just wish the wind would stop   then it wouldn't be so bad but it is what it 
is oh i wish i had a roaring fire going as well   but i've got to go out in this and find some 
firewood i don't know if you can see behind me but it's starting to come 
down good boy what's going on such a good boy he's got snow on him so he's going 
to go and lie out in this as soon as he's had his   breakfast nothing i can do he'll go up behind the 
camera where the mountains are he'll lie down in   the tussocks and he'll watch the snow coming 
down i've seen him do it so many times now   right i am desperate for a 
coffee very very desperate good well i can feel the heat 
coming off that already it's nice of course the transier is is 
windproof which is very useful i might put too much in there 
i've got to make cowboy coffee to do that you don't want to 
have too much water in there okay bruce enough there you go 
yeah i know right cowboy coffee so the coffee i'm using is again from uh my subscriber 
nino she sent it all in one pack   um again i think it's a norwegian coffee i 
can't remember the name of it i think it's um   len val something like that i'll put a link in the 
description it comes with this salt coffee salt   i've not put salt in coffee 
before and that will be a first   ah so i'm going to put my gloves on while i'm 
waiting these pants that i hiked up in yesterday   are the hunters element i think they're 
called elite downpour yeah hunter's element   elite downpour you might be fogging 
up a bit as the camera warms up um   i'm not sure what's going to happen there 
hopefully it will clear up soon as it heats up   yeah hunter's element elite downpour uh 
they're very good 100 waterproof windproof   uh they breathe pretty well they're dry um i've 
got long johns on underneath that leggings i've   got my waterproof socks i don't know what bruce 
is doing he's going to knock the camera over i thought you were going to go and play bruce what are you doing good morning so he was ah why why oh good boy he 
was good last night he just settled   under the blanket and that's it he did 
kick the blanket off a couple of times   and then i covered him again mainly i covered him 
because i just didn't want a soaking wet dog there   and i wanted it to really dry him out 
while he was in the tent and it did he's   bone dry now i think that won't last obviously the 
tent um condensation nightmare it is soaked inside i don't know why he's lying here now 
i think he's just watching the snow   although it's stopped um condensation 
nightmare the i just don't know if that vent is   good enough for if enough airflow can get through 
with get through with me and the dog a wet dog   so i don't think many tents could really cope with 
that unless it had just huge amounts of venting so   i'm gonna cut hillberg some slack on that one 
because as you can see i've got the vent open now   here i've got it all completely open inside to 
let the the wind try and wick the moisture away   um but yeah that's a tough call i mean he was he 
was wet even though i towed him off he's still wet   and i was you know breathing all night and it 
was a long night we went to bed pretty early   and it's 100 humidity raining 
all night snowing all night because it's a four season tent it doesn't vent 
at the bottom it goes straight down to the ground   you can adjust it so it does i think tonight 
what i'll do is i'll adjust it so it doesn't go   straight down to the ground but if it's windy 
and snowing then that could be a problem uh   ideally the door would be on that 
side the way i've set this up but   there's only one entrance and it's there yeah 
so yeah it was a lot of condensation um i didn't   have the vent all the way open i realized halfway 
through the night so i did open it up completely   but then it just gets so cold in the tent but 
you i guess you just hunker down like steve in   your sleeping bag and uh so be it uh sleeping bag 
my quilt was warm it was lovely took me a while   to get hot in there my therm arrest as always my 
pad superb and i i folded my puffer jacket up and   put it inside my uh my sweater my jumper and uh 
used that as a pillow that was nice and my beanie   on all night and i hate wearing beanies make 
your head itch but you need a good thick beanie uh and yeah i have my all i had on in the 
sleeping bag with my thermals that's it   so again you know it was 
only minus one minus two so   but tonight i think it's getting down to minus 
ten i saw the forecast before it came out   um so that would be pretty brutal because 
everything will ice up as well yeah the   tent will be put on the top will be put under 
some strain the top did so well it's still taut perfect no pooling no leaking at all 
no nothing no leaking i like this tarp   i mean the connectors they're plastic so they look 
like they could be a bit fragile because they're   plastic they might snap in freezing conditions um 
but if that's the case then you would just use the   cloth material instead to die through you'd 
probably be better off cutting all these plastic   things off and replacing them with really ultra 
lightweight metal carabiners because i just don't   think plastic will do it in sub-zero conditions i 
think they could snap under stress under pressure the camera is still going that sat outside all 
night because i didn't want to bring it in the   tent you know because of the moisture 
and temperature and everything else   i wanted it to uh i wanted it to stay out here so 
that stayed out all night and just switches on and   goes perfectly operates in it that that camera the 
sony a600 works better in the cold than even a uh   hey what you call it um gopro i had a gopro i 
think it was a gopro gopro seven black hero 7   black oh man that thing died in the cold it just 
couldn't cope at zero just kept dying change the   batteries heat the batteries up and then it dies 
and the screen doesn't work then it doesn't record   and it freezes it was terrible absolutely awful 
product i actually sent it back replaced it with   a dji osmo and that worked perfectly never had 
a problem with that but as far as a mirrorless   camera goes this sony for such a compact size 
and a great lens does a brilliant job and it's   water it's weatherproof yeah i've got a little 
a little makeshift board i've got one of these   the yellow one stuck on the top uh which works 
well stops stops microphone everything getting   saturated and snow obviously would get in 
everywhere that does a good job it's sort of   snowing bruce come out of there come out of there 
you're knocking the guy alone good boy i know   what you want you've had your breakfast come 
on come on lay down then i thought you'd go and   play we'll go out and look for some firewood 
later you'll enjoy that because you always do   yeah so after i've had breakfast such 
a handsome boy you are handsome boy oh why are you crying i'm happy 
you're just so happy up here this is i'd say of all the spots we go camping 
this is his favorite spot he just bounds with   excitement when we get here you can't stop 
him and he knows the area so well now he just   goes and explores and he loves it but he's just 
looking for some attention some love right now nice and dry underneath oh i 
wish you could stay dry all day   that would be nice to have a dry dog coming to 
the tent tonight but it's not gonna happen is it not gonna happen sleepy games right i need to um   check the uh check the guy lines stuff like 
that just tighten stuff up a bit i'm tempted   to bring this side down a bit or 
even move the tent over here a bit   in fact that's what i might do 
is i might just turn the tent   hang on bruce sit down i might bring the tent and 
pivot pivot like ross and friends pivot it to here just so that this edge is completely under 
the tarp because the snow i've noticed is   just landing here slightly so i think after 
i've had my coffee that's what i'm gonna do   i'm just gonna move the tent around it's 
a bit of a faff but better to get it right he's happy he's got a stick okay coffee is 
looking like it's starting to boil and it is okay so i'll take that off the heat that was pretty quick let that seep a bit looking good okay so yeah the grounds i just 
sprinkle the grounds in there so cowboy coffee   all you do is and that's have plenty of 
time in there now is you just sprinkle   just a bit of cold water on the top to make 
the grounds sink to the bottom bruce no no which is still pretty hot so i'm just gonna   let the heater cool down first 
because i can see it's still moving i'm going to leave that in there just to sleep a 
bit longer oh it's cold i've got every layer on and as soon as your core gets core gets hot 
then hands and feet will be fine my feet are   actually warm i kept my boots just on the inside 
of the tent flap there's just about that much gap   it's not a vegetable but it's enough for water 
bottle and stuff like that that worked well yeah keeping the hands warm today are 
going to be tricky i've got my seal skin   gloves which are waterproof to a degree uh 
better than nothing they keep your hands warm i do have some stony creek waterproof 
gloves that are very warm as well um   but these will do the trick feels better already in them 
i just need this to stop stop moving inside and then is it ready 
okay that's good right we're ready   so something to do with the cold water 
going on top of the hot coffee grounds   something to do with the gases someone 
said i can't remember what it was but it makes all the coffee grounds sink 
to the bottom my only concern is that   these coffee grounds are pretty thick 
so they won't do that but it looks like yeah it looks like it's worked okay good 
i can see that they've gone from the top   so i'm just going to leave that to sit make sure 
they're definitely sunk and then enjoy my coffee you see that that's i think that's rain freezing rain it's just very wet 
snow it is starting to settle   it's starting to look a little bit snowy out there well for those that wanted me to do a snow 
camp i think you're going to get your wish yeah you can't have too many layers honestly okay moment of truth coffee time no grounds perfect perfect no grounds in the coffee cowboy coffee oh that's nice nice coffee   i'll put a link to the the coffee uh in 
the description but it's nordic coffee that's smooth very smooth so by putting the um putting the grounds in   very early while it's cold and then heating it 
gives it more time to uh i think it burns off   uh the the acid in the coffee more so 
it's much smoother no bitterness it's nice i'll tell you another thing about oh and you see 
the camera i can see it's cleared right up now   so it's heated up inside so another thing 
about this camera is the batteries last   ages that's still my first battery and even 
in the freezing cold these batteries and   this camera just works so well i guess it it 
heats up and i don't know i don't think it's   got any special heating function it's just 
that running at 4k it gets quite warm inside   and it just works well as you can see it's cleared 
up completely but the batteries do last a long   time so if you're in the lookout for a mirrorless 
camera a mirrorless dslr uh that's weatherproof   and that has great battery life the 
sony a6600 honestly great camera and i'd suggest i recommend 
you putting a small rig   on it so putting it in a small rig if you don't 
know what that is google it i'll put a link to   the description of mine my gear what i use but the 
small rig allows you to mount all sorts of things see that sounds like sleep but it is snow okay 
and as predicted the wind is coming from that way   so i've got this top down here so i'm barely feeling it is that sleet yeah this coffee is so nice oh i'm so glad he's lying here 
i might actually bring his   pad out he doesn't like he doesn't need 
it i bring it out and then he moves off it   i guess for him the ground where he's on 
is quite dry because it's under the top he's sniffing he's not shivering at all 
it's amazing border collies these dogs   were bred to sh uh sheep herd in scotland in 
all conditions and yeah they're bred to work   down to god knows well honestly they they've 
got this special uh coat double layer coat   and the inner coat is so warm and fluffy 
and the outer coat is water repellent and honestly so they don't use border collies 
i've said this before they don't use border   collies in new zealand for sheep herding 
because it's too mild that got me it needs   to be really cold consistently to use these dogs 
uh which is why he's just so at home outside   in these conditions and it doesn't phase 
him at all he's probably not on camera but he's looking around very happy 
aren't you brucie you're happy yeah   and when you feel his tummy it's so warm 
oh it's lovely yeah and when you feel under   his coat even though he doesn't really like it 
that much when i do that that's very very warm   yeah but on top you can't tell so it's a 
very efficient coat i wish i had that coat if he curls up if he goes fetal then i 
would assume he's feeling a bit chilly   then i'd bring his pad out and his blanket 
and put that on him but right now there's   no point because he's going to get up as 
soon as it starts really snowing heavily   he's out of here he's going 
to go and play in that for it's sure how coffee how a hot drink 
can make you feel so much warmer feeling it already that's amazing 
not a single ground has come through   they'll all be at the bottom of the kettle yeah it's full of grounds okay i'm gonna chill 
have this coffee then move the tent around a bit   yeah okay i've moved the tent 
round just pivoted it a bit   just in time because the snow 
is the snow is coming down   beautiful beautiful now i'm gonna 
make some pancakes but this time   i've got some egg and milk to mix 
it with but what's happened is   these stupid containers are not air they're 
not watertight so it's leaked out even though   i wrapped it look at that i know he's going to 
lick this up any that's left over he can have oh no put that in his bowl 
and then he'll have that if the wind stays like this very calm then great but i've got a feeling it's not going to yeah so what's happened is it's 
leaked because i've climbed was so much higher i packed this at sea level and 
now we're at airbrush you can lick that outlook   here what's in there i'm gonna love that aren't 
you that's my little wiper cloth oh there it is yeah it's sea level and then you come up here 
and then everything opens up it's a nightmare brucy such a character right 
the ongoing saga of the pancakes okay bruce that's enough that's 
enough okay lie down on your pad   come on on here bruce you've 
got it all there's nothing left   come on lie down on your bed come on 
lay down good boy just stay there he um if oh look there's plenty in there hang on bruce 
just wait a sec i know you're gonna love that   get it all in there nice egg 
and milk there you go there if the snow really settles then 
he'll disappear he's next to me now   just in case you're wondering if you know 
if you've seen bruce before he's always   out playing if you're wondering why is he lying 
next to me now in the morning he never does that   it's because he knows the routine and the routine 
is breakfast he knows that routine and uh yeah now what did i do with the lid oh there it 
is okay so some water in okay that's perfect yeah i read the instructions for once 
it said you better put the water in and   then immediately turn it upside down 
and bang it i haven't been doing that oh yeah look at that it worked oh rtfm if you don't know what rtfm is google 
it but it's basically read the effing manual okay bruce there's no more that was it lie down 
on your bed no not there come over here fine   come on that's it under the top nice yeah 
he's completely covered which is great oh yeah   see in front i can't really see the snow 
because the light is coming in that direction bruce lie down i know you 
don't like it when i do this oh spicy wow i don't think you can 
see all that coming off the side but a lot of ice holy moly i didn't think it was snowing that much i thought suddenly hey this really drip drops down   okay something tells me i'm 
going to be doing this all day i could set this up differently so i 
wouldn't have to do it but this is fine if i had a fire going in here then it wouldn't 
be an issue i didn't think you'd like that okay all right so those have been following 
the long saga of my morning pancakes and how i can't for the love nor money 
get my hands on a non-stick tray in japan oh it's covered in hell that'll burn off the 
gsi 10 inch outdoor non-stick pan and it is   rugged i mean this thing is built i reckon 
you could put that on a fire no problem   solid handle i like it now it doesn't fit 
perfectly obviously because it's not meant   for this especially this one which is the smaller 
transient but it will go on those prongs like that   as long as i can get enough heat into it which 
i'm sure i can be fine okay let's spark her up gosh that was a lot of snow 
that just came off the tarp okay i'm not sure if you could see the 
amount that came off there hopefully you can okay i so prefer this did the sound of gas butane such an awful set wow there's snow 
coming in the front here how's that happening i'm hoping that's not too far away from the flame where did that snow just come from oh 
it's just blowing blowing from the front i'm gonna have to keep an eye out 
for this make sure i've got my door   open because i want it to vent 
wow it's coming down that's why   oh and i can see him he's as predicted he's 
out there now in the snow he's gonna come   back covered in snow flowing in the front 
a bit this is why i didn't want the wind that's what i was dreading snow just it just gets everywhere it really does 
but the wind is going to be coming from over here these are quite big chunks it's nice i hope 
you can see this on camera it's beautiful hey brucey bruce is here come around come 
here look at the size of the snowflakes on you   and i know what you're going to do i 
know what you're going to do you're   going to shake right next to me aren't you 
no no that's my bowl hey hey that's my bowl   you got your own pal okay pancakes got distracted 
there didn't i buy the snow got some oil oh man avalanche wow you probably didn't pick that up that was loud it was a big roaring 
thunderous avalanche up the tops that was pretty loud sounds like 
thunder but it's not thunder all right i'm gonna go for 
it no time like the present oh it's sizzling okay that's good right you know what i'm gonna flip it whatever 
i don't know it's still not ready though takes a long time in these conditions 
i tell you that people uh comment like last time oh i can't believe 
how long you had that on the heat for   it was ages yeah it's freezing up here it's high 
altitude everything takes longer at high altitude   it's not the same as at sea level it really isn't 
everything takes longer it takes longer to boil   water it takes longer to cook 
food and when it's really cold   it just takes longer so yes you might at home 
in your kitchen in the comfort of your home   cook pancakes in the matter of minutes not up 
here not at this not at this altitude whatever   we're at thirty fourteen hundred meters in 
winter minus two no everything takes longer i'll probably still get the comments though 
rubbish but it does honestly take longer and   especially when you don't have a perfect fitting 
pan gas would be quicker i'll i'll give you that   much gas would be quicker but it would just sound 
awful you don't want to hear gas on the camera if you know what i mean all right do i 
go for it do i try and flip it in the air no it's just suctioned on so i'm gonna 
have to use the spatula to do it no man   it's not it's just still not ready 
still not still not got a good base it is look it is cranking now though and 
it wasn't before so i just really need to   get that heat into it someone did comment 
your first pancake is a sacrificial one   good point the heat from that coffee is starting 
to wear off i'm going to need another coffee soon i have to mix some hot chocolate in 
with it now the next thing i'm afraid   of happening is my pancake mix freezing 
which it could do it's cold enough i can see the water is freezing over there that i'm collecting for brucey hey little man how are you still warm hmm i know we'll go out and play in the snow in a 
bit yeah so after i've had breakfast i'll take   him out into the snow for a bit of fun but it's 
not deep yet he loves it when it's really deep oh shall i try and turn this come on it's a good non-stick pan i have to say 
it's doing its job it's not sticking at all   but just the conditions are so harsh all 
right let's just turn it around a bit because i just think that the 
heat isn't getting to on this side oh i wish the wind would stop sort of reminds me of uh yeah some of matthew poses uh videos when he's 
sort of almost in a blizzard setting up his camp the difference here to there is that there's 
so much firewood available where he goes dead   standing tons there's nothing hardly anything here 
this is a very very healthy forest very healthy   uh the top's here new zealand doesn't have acid 
rain doesn't have all the problems that you get   in north america or europe so you know acid 
rain is one of the biggest killers of trees   we don't get that so everything's just really 
healthy there's just nothing that destroys   and these beech trees there's no predators for 
it and it is a beach forest there are no other   trees just beach that's it um we don't have native 
pine and stuff like that that's all forestry so   you're spoiled for choice over there was here very 
very difficult to get firewood when you're up here   i mean i could walk around for an hour and 
not find anything suitable it's that hard   and because it does rain a lot up here anything 
that is dead standing just rots very quickly so he wants to lie down in the snow you watch he's gonna lie 
down in the snow oh maybe not he's wagging his tail he's very happy he's looking for i don't know what sticks and 
things like that he's making up his mind what   he's doing oh forgot about my pancake right oh 
it's ready okay finally yes a pancake at last oh that smells so good we have success finally 
non-stick pan that's all i needed see just enough not to be under the top just 
enough so you can feel the snow coming on him it's a mad mad boy i'm so happy that's worked now i do have some bacon as well 
but i might save that for lunch time i'm definitely gonna go and 
try and find some firewood ah i just i just know i've gotta walk a long way to find it which means going out into what is almost a sort 
of blizzard-like condition out there on the tops i'll bring you along for the ride there but not 
with my big camera i'll have to just use my iphone i hate beanies and then when you do find branches that 
are dead because they're horizontal they're punky they're full of water they're no use 
it's got to be standing upright dead and that's   just so difficult to find i mean i've scoured 
this place before and i found hardly anything   so i know i'm gonna have to walk a 
long way oh this pancake smells so   good it would be so nice to actually have a 
proper pancake that's not mulch for a change it's moving in the pan oh yeah again if this is 
the first time you've seen it you're wondering   what i'm freaking out about you know the usual 
pans that you get with tranjer like this one is   hard anodized small they're very small they're 
tiny really and they're not non-stick you can   get a non-stick pan but i can't get one for 
love nor money transur won't send me one i've tried on their website no stock and 
the rest are in europe and they won't send   it to new zealand no stock in america on 
amazon and tranjer just won't won't respond   so gsi to the rescue it's another outdoor company 
i assume uh i got this on amazon it's cheaper than   the transier it's bigger than transit it's just a 
bit heavier but it's got a decent handle which you   don't get with the trainer again you've got to use 
these stupid things which i hate these grippers   which transmit the heat i mean 
they're pretty awful things yeah but i do like transier as a whole 
the base it's very stable it's windproof   yeah and it's quiet which is nice so i do 
like these alcohol stoves they're very good it's still snowing a bit it's died down a lot   i'm not sure how much snow we're meant to 
be getting okay i think we're ready for this oh yeah that's done great a pancake look at that put some frozen maple syrup on it and tuck in i'm gonna keep the pan on the heat 
because i might have another pancake so i want to keep that roasting hot okay bon appetit a decent pancake oh that's good that's so good finally that only took eight 
camping trips or something sort out in fact i think people are going to be 
disappointed that i don't have another disaster i'm going to wolf this down oh so good and you know what the flavor is so much better because 
i i put some egg and milk in there it's definitely more fluffy fluffy and the outsides are definitely more crispy that's very nice best yet um the egg and the milk that's worked well hmm i've walked that down oh my god that was so good so good i need another one okay it should be quicker this 
time because the pan is much hotter and anyone who knows me knows i like big 
pancakes i don't want a small pancake   again you can all cook it how you want to cook it 
i'm going to cook it the way i want to i want a   big pancake well there'll be plenty of snow for 
me to melt that's for sure i can even just take   it off the top if i have to melt it for water you 
have a shake bruce shake go over there and shake   no oh he's looking for food even though he's 
had his breakfast and he had a double portion   he is a bottomless pit he'll just 
eat and eat till he throws up   but yeah he's been to the vet he's 
the perfect weight perfect health he's he's having the exact right amount 
of food i get a lot of comments about oh   your dog needs to eat more give your dog 
more food funnily enough those comments   only come from india i don't 
know why that is i'm not sure why only i only get those comments from my indian 
subscribers i mean you know i don't i don't mind   it i just he he's on the right diet this is what 
he eats this is how much he should be having he   you know he's a perfect weight he's lean he's very 
very fit and he's on a special high protein diet   which packs a lot more food in than your normal 
a lot more calories than your normal dog food   but i'm not sure why in india you would think that 
you know while your dogs have to have so much food   maybe someone can explain that to me now i can hear the snow so yeah   once you get a layer of snow on there and you 
think oh it stopped snowing it's still coming down okay how we're looking i think is it ready to flip yeah ready to flip 
okay another perfect pancake so is it the egg   or the milk that makes it a bit crispy i 
don't know i'm not complaining i like it   gotta tell you what the second you take 
your gloves off flipping heck it gets cold need to get more hot drinks in me let's make more coffee and hot 
chocolate mix them together of a mocha right we are ready for my pancake must be done by now oh that was good 
timing because the fuel is just about to die nice so as you saw out there it 
is beautiful very pretty but you can see like i showed you 
above there what's above me very barren   and the wind when it whips 
over there it's a nightmare the tops are very dangerous quite a few people have died up here just unprepared didn't have shelter my hands are freezing trying to find the hut there's a cup 
there's only one hut in this area   yeah poor woman died i think it was last year she was with her teenage son they 
got stuck in the snow storm up here   she sent him on her head to try and get help 
she couldn't go any further and by the time he   got to the hut it was dark there were people 
there but they couldn't do anything for her   and search and rescue came out the 
next day and found her frozen to death yeah she'd had hypothermia she 
couldn't move any further i guess   um but she wasn't prepared she was 
prepared for a night in the hut and the one that they were 
going to have fire in it i always assume that the hut's going to be full so you're going to need to be have some shelter   even if it's a really basic tent or bivvy 
as long as you've got but the key thing is   you've got a really good sleeping bag and a good 
sleeping pad you just can't assume you're going to   make it to the hut here if the conditions 
change and she didn't check the forecast yeah luckily the the boys survived   that must have been horrible for him and she would 
have died not knowing whether he made it or not   just you know horrible circumstance horrible but that's the mountains gotta respect them definitely getting colder i saw the forecast said for tonight 
it was gonna be minus nine minus ten   so that windshield will be i 
don't know minus 20 wind chill pretty cold that was very nice very nice i'm so ready for a hot drink oh that was tasty oh i lost all the heat in my legs and 
everything going out there he got cold again oh what i could do for a fire right now i would love it i'd have it 
just here on this sort of bridge wouldn't you wouldn't need a big one 
just enough to get some red hot coals   and it would just make such a 
difference to the experience i'm dreading going out looking for firewood steam action okay now i can give it a stir okay hot chocolate thyme i think i've got 
one of those oh boy hot chocolates yep   another nordic thing that 
lena sent me thank you lena oh boy hot chocolate is this 
norwegian i'm not sure swedish i guess in the nordic countries 
you just got share so much stuff   i can't actually see where 
this was made but it is tasty i think it's swedish because the 
first language on there is swedish   on the example so yeah it'll 
be swedish and lena is swedish how are you doing brucie hey what are you 
up to you can see he's not cold at all he's just happy just chilling 
he's like what's your problem okay i'm gonna chill again literally clean up a bit come back to you 
later when i'm gonna get the firewood look who's decided to uh hunker down he 
came and lay down and curled up on his pad   that's the sign that's the sign that he wants 
to warm up again so i just throw the blanket   on him and he'll go to sleep so you see he does 
he knows when he's had enough who knows right just managed to get signal for a minute got 
a message from anne my wife saying how is it   it said it's freezing cold snowing and fun   not she said are you staying another night 
still yeah i said i'm gonna stay another night right i think i'm gonna finish this and 
get out there i'll bring you along with   me but on the iphone because i don't want 
to trudge all that way carrying this camera and he's going to come with me i might just leave him actually i 
might i might wait for 20 minutes   let him get nice and toasty and then go because he's obviously happy he's obviously 
content to just lie there right now   so that's what i'll do i'm going to sit let this uh let this food and 
drink do its job warm me up   and then come back to you when i'm out 
there looking for firewood catch them at what speed does the wind have to blow to be a 
blizzard hey bruce right gotta find some firewood   ah man this is gonna be tricky 
that's coming down i'm just in there oh man it is howling it is grim right i want to 
get this firewood get back to camp i don't think   i'll be filming me looking for it i just got 
to get on with it conditions are pretty grim   catch you later bruce is having a great time bruce what are you doing hey buddy you having 
fun yes you are all right come back to you   later okay i got three uh three pieces here 
i've had to come back to the track hey bruce   come here come say hello come on come here 
hey bruce come here come on lucy's not helping   just playing in the snow so yeah i've had to 
come back to the actual track where i exited to get this wood it's luckily just by the track hey brucey so we're all the way over there   uh there at the top so i've got to drag all this 
wood all over there well you know what they say firewood heats you three times   right and there are my pieces i don't know how 
long that will last me uh probably not that long but we'll see right let's get 
on with this oh that was brutal i had to go all the way back to the track ah i put bruce on his bed just so i keep an eye on him keep him warm the 
snow it's quite fine so it's blowing in everywhere   i almost need it to to get really heavy and thick as you can see it's dusting everything i've 
already bashed this off once there bruce um yeah i'm gonna have to keep doing this it'll take a lot of weight though but man 
so i've got the three big pieces of wood i guess i got to start uh start chopping them up 
brucey is getting wet i'm going to cover his face there you go ah he's happy though   he had a great time out there i think he 
wanted to stay out there and keep playing   but i really wanted to come back in i could bring 
this end of the tarp right down to be honest if the snow gets any worse then that's probably 
what i'll do is just bring this side down more   in fact i might do that now right how's that what's up better i hope so everything's 
getting covered in snow man it's just   coming in it's coming from so many different 
angles this is going to be in the way isn't it but it is coming in it's blowing straight in gonna have to move some stuff 
out the way here that's better yeah it seems to have changed direction the wind has definitely picked up oh man that was tough dragging those 
dragging all that wood was was hard work i'm going to move the camera a bit 
so you can actually see in here he's fine he's on his well he's 
half on his mat oh he's on it yeah yeah i don't mind if it gets heavy that's fine look at this wow that's the trouble 
with snow is it just comes in everywhere as long as it doesn't get in the tent then we'll be okay i need to start chopping 
this up i need to get this fire going   i'll come back to uh when i've got it chopped 
up i've got my saw silky saw at the hand   ready to go all right i'll come back to 
you when i got this all sorted looking good tell you what i'm hot now chopping all that up ah so i just want to have my fire there uh still early if i light it now i don't 
know that i've got enough firewood to last   um through to tonight i might do i mean 
it's going to take a while to get it hot even with my fat wood which i've got here oh man that took it out of me that was brutal i don't know if you can see him here hi brucey you okay hello oh you're dry 
you got a wet nose though good boy okay he's all right i mean he's super warm this blanket's gonna be wet but what 
i'm hoping is once i get this fire going i might be able to dry some stuff off 
the snow is definitely uh forming on here   oh bruce come back here come back 
here come back here here here here oh   bruce why did you do that going off you go 
go go bruce i know you want to go and play he won't settle he'll settle for a few minutes 
and then that's it i banged the tarp and he's off what are you doing bruce are you staying are 
you going make up your mind make up your mind   staying or going what are you doing but you 
can't sit there i'm gonna light the fire there   come back on your bed or go and play what 
are you gonna do what are you gonna do okay   good they're on your bed good call brucey 
good call just because i banged the tarp he doesn't it's not he doesn't like it it's 
that it triggers him into going into play mode which leads to all sorts of problems ah do i like the fire now start drying stuff 
out i think that's preferable actually because   my feet are cold my feet are cold i need to dry his blanket out yeah let's get the fire cranking okay i think we're in business 
there's plenty of air getting to it all right fingers crossed we've got it i've got 
more fat wood just in case but that's looking   pretty good and maybe i wonder if there's no 
knots then i could try and bat on some of this i'll give it a go see what happens 
i've tried this so many times and it never wants to do it try with the thin 
stuff first although that would be a good baton well i've got shaving must be a knot there yeah there is wow tell you what this knife's a lot 
better for batoning than my uh gerber   my gerber bear grylls knife 
nothing wrong with that knife   just ah it just doesn't want to do 
batoning properly i don't know why that is oh sugar look at that that's what i didn't 
want to happen see now it's going to go out   oh that was stupid stupid i 
just put it out straight away oh no that is not what i wanted to 
happen it collapsed and it's gone out that is gutting oh my god why did i do that i tell 
you there is nothing easy about   getting a fire going it really isn't not in 
these conditions and not with this wood okay i'm gonna need to get another 
piece of fat wood i think because this is not gonna light up 
again unless i can get some wind in   it oh you know what i could do i've got 
an idea hang on all might not be lost if i can get a breeze going in here i might be able to get these coals 
to ignite okay this might work what did i say never give up baby flex tail gear pump 
but it's not really is it getting there is it doing it this stuff is so difficult to 
ignite and to stay going really is it needs   to be ridiculously hot it might be worth 
me putting some fat wood in there and just   seeing if that does the trick 
because the fat would burn so hot okay here we go again wow okay that's the difference fatwood 
makes we really need this to take off so let's put as much as possible on without it 
falling over again and putting the fire out   right i'm now going to just leave it 
alone either it takes or it doesn't i'm   not going to touch it now because 
i want to see if it will just go it's just too much moisture wow oh no oh i think that 
just all went in the tent let me close the tent up it's okay it's okay stay 
there just moving you a bit oh man these conditions are awful and 
even worse if you can't have a fire well should we see if we can 
split one of these big ones   i don't know if it's worth the bother 
they're so knotted oh this one might go go around the knot i like this knife tops bob that split that's dry bone dry inside see 
fire's going out knife very good field   craft knife by uh tops made in the usa 
field craft by the brothers of bushcraft i don't know what to tell 
you very thick solid tang   it's got thumb grip other than that it's 
got a striker just in case you're using a   fire steel very heavy but very good as you 
saw from that battening it did the job this   is the life this is the life i am enjoying myself 
believe it or not even though it is grim outside i am enjoying being in the snow i love the snow 
i just wish it was thick thick thick flakes   and picturesque and no wind 
but beggars can't be choosers okay come back to you later hopefully 
with a red hot coal fire we will see i'm just boiling up some water on the fire   oh making a massive mess of my transgen 
kettle it's gonna go brown and gunky now little man under here and his blanket   he's steaming i've been covering him up oh he's 
tired good boy i know my dad bruce it's okay yeah so i've uh that's full 
of snow the uh the kettle fire is uh giving off lots of heat nice coal bed went through a really smoky phase 
but uh the wood that i batoned   i put that all on top and that's all 
working well now i just left it after that found its own rhythm as it gets to 
a damp bit though ugh it gets smoky but at least it's giving off some heat quite a lot of heat in fact i think 
everything's steaming this tree is   steaming my trousers are steaming 
it's on my shoes so it's working just takes takes a while you just 
got to get the red hot coals going   and then then it's all good it's gonna 
smoke a lot when i put these big pieces on but um here's what it is oh oh that's hot that fire that is 
nice oh that's so nice oh fire honestly   i don't know if you can see him down here but 
there's actually steam coming off the blanket oh look he's getting it on him i'm just gonna 
cover him up he doesn't mind getting some on   his face i but i just don't want to see him 
like that oh that's good that is so nice yeah it's safe to say i 
haven't got enough firewood yeah damn all right decided don't mind that bruce good boy 
that's it stay there right i'm gonna cook up some   uh cook up some meat got my lamb so yeah it's been 
a while my fire's doing really well get some salt rosemary and garlic chuck that all in rose me from my garden why i 
didn't do this before i came out i don't know i should have done just didn't think okay it's probably going to need more oil 
it depends how much fat comes off that lamb i would have bought my grill up with 
me my folding collapsible grill but   that's very heavy and again slogged up 
here to 1400 meters i don't really want   to carry that with me but the fire has made such a 
difference to my mood i think uh yesterday evening when i got here and i got it all set up and 
i was sitting out you could tell probably   it was okay but i was cold i had chills and it 
was because i was a bit damp from the walk up   even though i changed into dry stuff 
my underwear was obviously a bit sweaty and no fire and it was just freezing cold it 
was raining so there was nothing uplifting   snow is much nicer it just looks nice i'm 
looking out at a you know all this white it's lovely yum okay right oh that smoke is 
ridiculous okay we're back   oh smoke what is seriously if i turn the camera 
on and then it just goes nuts and blows this way   that's ridiculous it's been blowing that way 
the entire time until i turn the camera on   what is up with that okay i'm 
gonna cut some off for bruce oh my god it's so perfect not too much because again oh come on it was perfect before that okay yeah not too much because it's just not good 
for him to have too much food he'll be sick   right that's for bruce wait oh the smoke come on that's crazy   i don't know why it is it's 
because i've got a log on the top uh that might be a bit better i need it all to just catch okay right he's such a good boy look at 
that i'm gonna slice some off from me oh man that is just beautiful meat 
okay bruce go on then good boy ugh i will be picking the 
bones clean afterwards as well i am very hungry stomach's been going nuts mmm okay oh hands are so cold right bon appetit um oh my word that's so good oh gosh my left hand 
is freezing it's cramping up a bit what do you think bruce was that good is that nice we've wolfed this down the lamb 
is so succulent oh this smoke   this is the problem with fires 
the smoke the lamb is so beautiful so tender it wasn't smoking 
just a minute ago crazy he's sniffing around there's 
no more and i'm hoping   this catches fire so the smoke stops i tell 
you what i can do mini pump to the rescue excellent i can feel the heat we'll see how long that lasts hmm yeah i don't know what caused 
the cramping in my hand just them maybe i hadn't had enough salt a bit of bone i'm definitely hydrated   i'm definitely hydrated that's 
so much to drink so much water but i reckon it's salt well plenty of salt on this he's growling what is it bruce what's 
the matter whoa go on there ah nothing there oh have you got that out of your system not yet are you dumb is that it you're dumb well done right absolutely flipping delicious not frozen oh come on don't follow me 
smoke stay away oh right this is   i didn't tip anything there bruce you can 
just smell the fire that's what you can smell now what i might do is yeah so this is a 
behemoth brewing company something hoppy ipa looking forward to this cheers everybody thanks for coming oh it's cold but it's nice getting some good heat out of this fire now he's been out there playing for quite a while i just 
wanted him to come back and just rest a bit it's almost time for his dinner been a while since we had that lamb you can 
hear how damp the wood is sizzling away but   it's good call base just moving his head out of 
the way of the smoke i think i checked the thermometer still minus 
five probably get a bit colder tonight but what i need to do is warm up 
my moldovan brandy and have a cigar right this goes in the inside 
pocket my moldovan brandy can you see him look at him lying down in the 
snow under the branch he's focused on something people don't believe me honestly so many 
comments oh he needs this he needs that   you don't you're not looking after your 
dog probably blah blah blah blah blah   you wait there'll be a million comments in this 
video about it as well people just don't learn   do they they know best everybody knows best 
everybody seems to know my dog better than i do   not everybody there's some really 
great comments out there about our bond   i have a very close bond with him no matter 
what anybody says someone wrote the other day uh your dog is so sad he's not 
happy i tell you it's what i don't want to reply with anything too bad but 
you just don't know my dog obviously what can   i say he's one of the happiest dogs i know he 
has a great time he runs free at home runs free   he's playing he's playing in 
the snow by himself this is what   border collies do they have so much fun they're 
nuts he's wagging his tail bruce look at you   he's just happy and he's off that's it he's off gotta hit beanies did i tell you i hate beanies let's do his dinner first oh my gosh his bag his backpack 
is frozen solid look at that it's absolutely frozen wow never seen that 
oh my god it really is frozen zip won't open geez i think the other side's okay 
yeah that needs to defrost a bit everything is phrased freezing 
up my backpack's probably frozen although i have got it under cover oh man yeah that is frozen solid i'll put that there by the fire defrost come on stay i don't 
want his towel to freeze because i need that to dry him off okay so mexico there you can't 
see him at the moment but   as soon as he hears the sound of 
food hitting the bowl he'll be here yeah that's bruce dinner hang on a big portion   hold on wait that's it i'll look at you covered 
in snow such a good boy go on then good boy now the reason i don't put water in with his food is i want it to clean his teeth and 
the food does that if you put water   in it doesn't he doesn't have to crunch it so much this is steaming now it shouldn't 
take long to defrost this i don't know why i'm defrosting it 
it's going to just freeze again tonight   but i might put it underneath my backpack so that 
it doesn't re-freeze you see he's covered in snow i am enjoying myself it is cold i keep 
saying that i'm just not used to the cold   to remember that i lived in asia 20 years and 
your blood thins when you live in a warm climate   for so long it really does i'll just move this 
forward all the way over there is that better yeah   your blood really does thin you just you just lose 
that that you know ability to cope with the cold   and where i live in new zealand uh it's just 
so sunny most of the time believe it or not   even though i post rain videos it's that no 
they're not from where i live none of these   videos i don't live near here i'm hours 
away from here three hours drive from here food you just need the wind to stay away that's all   it's just picking up again i can hear it in the 
trees above and then when it's really fine snow   that's a bit of a nightmare but 
it looks like we're in the fog cheers so smooth just a bit cold come on warm up there we go just that little bit of warmth coming from the 
fire is everything it really is it just makes   the biggest difference really does it's such a different experience with the fire i'll tell you another channel i've been 
watching lately actually i've been watching   it i've been subscribed for a long time but 
i've really been watching it more often um bruce calm down you're you're gonna wear 
yourself out uh yeah what i've been watching um   corporal's corner uh corporal's corner with uh i 
think it's corporal sean kelly   he's a former marine he seems 
like a straight up good guy but his skills are unbelievable i mean what this 
guy creates it's just it makes this just look   nothing he spends time and he produces stuff every 
week i don't know how he does it i don't know if   he has cold conditions where he is it always seems 
to be pretty mild not much rain um whether that's   just because he chooses to do that go out in 
those conditions i don't know but it's like the   opposite of my channel yeah completely opposite i 
do everything in the rain with a tarp and a tent he has pretty good conditions but he builds 
stuff like you can't imagine hidden shelters   bunk beds oh yeah yeah some of the stuff 
that he does i could never do that stuff here   because we don't have the deadfall we don't have 
the dead wood and you shouldn't use living trees   for that stuff but also you know the land 
here you're not allowed to do most of the   stuff he does here unless you had your own private 
property but what he does it's fantastic to watch   there must be throughout the forest around him 
littered his all of his his different bunkers cop beds everything he's built they're incredible 
you know by the swamps he builds stuff over the   water i love it very entertaining channel his food 
oh my god that is a heart attack waiting to happen   sean if you're watching which you're probably 
not because you're too busy building stuff   but if you were watching i would say dude i hope 
you don't eat like that at home i hope it's just   when you're doing those things because oh my god 
that is that is just a coronary waiting to happen everything he cooks is so unhealthy 
very very tasty but so unhealthy i want to send him in for a health 
check just to make sure he's all right   see that great guy and he served 
in some great places as well so much respect for people that 
have served in the military for whatever reason you do 
it just serving is enough bruce what's this down here what's here 
come here you are making such a noise oh   worked yourself into a thirst and 
you're wagging your tail at the same   time and you're covered in snow and he's off again not a happy dog look at him look at him go so he's pouncing pouncing on the shadows because 
i've got the light on that's what he's doing   he hasn't got his light on if i put 
his light on it'd go even more nuts   actually i need to put it on just so i 
can see him hey bruce come here come here okay it's a winter wonderland and bruce 
is going nuts out in the snow   it's almost bedtime oh crest it's so slippery there he goes bruce hey what are you doing oh it looks like 
devil eyes the reflection on his eyes   what's over here come on 
what's this what's down there oh this camp it's a bit smoky all the snow oh sorry bruce you should buy me gumbridge   he's leading the way oh got some snow 
on the top that i need to bash off in fact there's snow everywhere gosh oh that's cold coming out here 
i think you're frozen already   it's kind of frozen the tent's 
frozen all the paracord is frozen   that's paracord it's cold ridgeline's frozen 
bruce is having a good time aren't you brucy hey   what are you doing oh look 
at your eyes oh spooky spooky camp right i think oh my god all 
this paracord is just frozen solid i think it's bedtime what do you 
think bruce you think it's bedtime well i hope it doesn't snow too much 
tonight come on let's go back to camp good boy oh i need to get this snow off 
my feet melt it by the fire   oh man it's cold i'm surprised the camera's 
working it is now about minus eight   it's going to be -10 tonight that's forecast 
i can just tell it's just getting colder there's a little bit of fire going i need to get the snow off my boots i don't want that all frozen in there tomorrow the fire is almost out this one big 
log on top is giving off tons of smoke bruce what are you doing bruce come here   why are you lying in the snow oh my god 
you're coated you're covered in snow oh oh no i've got him in the tent with me tonight   okay camera is telling me that 
the battery is pretty much dead i think that's just because it's so cold it 
should last longer than that but it is cold   the camera's cold it's it is struggling i don't know would most people 
come out in conditions like this oh and i know in north america it's not a problem 
you deal with it just not used to it here   just not used to it at all this sony camera is 
doing well i mean this is only my third battery   it's doing pretty well i don't know what the coldest 
this thing can go down to i mean   it's telling me there's zero battery left 
but it's still recording let's go figure big flakes big flakes of snow coming in now   right i need to get this ready to dry him off 
dry his bed off his blanket is under cover yep that's good because i've got to put that on him   in the tent it's going to be a wet 
night in the tent lots of condensation   because i can't have the vent open that much 
because the amount of snow that's coming in what am i doing here i am enjoying myself i'm 
enjoying the snow bruce is having a fantastic time   honestly he couldn't be having a better time 
right now brucie come here come here come on   come here come have some water here 
what's this here what's in your bowl   look at him look at him he's covered in snow   absolutely covered look had some water now 
he's going back out in the snow to lie down just shows all those people that comment your 
dog needs a raincoat your dog's miserable your   dog's not happy he's the happiest dog on earth 
not happy honestly he's so happy this is he he's   in his element he's lying down i can't tell if 
you can see him or not but he's lying down in the   snow looking at it with his little his little 
light lighting up the snow and he is so happy   if he was cold he would come in but he's not 
he's obviously warm oh that's dry already good oh thank god for the fire makes it so much 
easier especially to warm your feet up   the snow is coming in every way possible okay i'll catch you at bed ah okay i'm in bed   bruce is just down here he's in bed he's 
on his pad he's covered with the blanket hopefully he stays there it's double 
wrapped um it's cold that battery on the   camera is dying already incredible it's 
wet in here i have tried to dry it off   but it's just wet it's just the whole 
thing is wet it's condensation everywhere oh this is what you have to do got to mop it all off try your hardest to anyway it's going to freeze i'm assuming tonight oh it's grim it's so grim ah yeah it's grim floor's wet bruce is wet i've dried them off 
tiled them off but there's only so much you can do   my sleeping bag is pretty wet on the outside   it's dry on the inside okay hands are 
freezing gotta go to bed gotta get in the sack he's covered up he'll be warm enough 
hopefully i will it doesn't seem to be   snowing now but it's just got really really 
really cold so my fingers are freezing oh man it's a cold night thank god i'm in 
a decent four season tent the hilleberg una   i will catch you in the morning good 
night everybody good night from bruce   morning morning everyone morning brucey 
and he's desperate to get out aren't you   morning go on then off you go you've already 
had our good mornings oh it's cold this is all   all frozen down here i'm surprised the 
camera is working because it's cold out there i know the ground is frozen solid the camera is 
frozen that won't come on i think it's just the   battery is so cold that it just won't it's saying 
the battery's exhausted frozen inside the tent   the tarp is full of snow but held up well   but yeah the ground is frozen 
solid my boots my boots are frozen frozen absolutely solid the camera yeah oh my gosh 
everything is frozen i know brucey   so yeah it was a it's wet inside the tent again it was an average night's sleep it wasn't great 
this as expected in these sorts of conditions with   a wet dog in the tent bruce get out of there he's 
he's looking for his breakfast right okay i've got   to get up and get him sorted and start defrosting 
everything he's trying to get the camera hang on   a second brucey why are you trying to get the 
camera i know you want your breakfast don't you can you hear the crispy crunchiness of the 
ground oh he's so wide awake and full of beans   because it's crispy and cold he loves this 
weather it goes nuts in it right time to get up so it's yeah everything's frozen 
solid it's a white out up the tops   you can see the mountains in the background beautiful i've got to be careful i haven't 
got my shoelaces done my boots are frozen   but yeah it is cold it's -10 and everything 
is frozen and bruce is having a great time gosh you can't hold anything metal freezing 
yeah so there's a lot of snow piled up on   the side of the tarp and the tent they all did 
pretty well considering the temperature and the   fact we had rain the first night so everything 
was wet and then we had snow so it all froze   over the tent did very well considering didn't 
it brucey yeah okay i need to clear some stuff   away get the trainer out get some boiling 
water on to go asap so i'll get on with that chair's frozen i need my shoes my boots to 
defrost okay that's my lighter okay hang on bruce i know you want to 
breakfast hang on let's see if this will light it's very cold so i overfill it a bit   just to catch the edge sorry i've just 
turned my phone on so i've got signal okay and that has worked you see butane you can't do that 
in these temperatures butane we would just you'd have to warm it up in your you'd have to warm it up 
in your sleeping bag first and even then it won't operate well for long 
whereas once alcohol gets going it's like uh white spirits it just keeps 
going and going and going   doesn't it brucey yes it does look at 
you patiently waiting for your breakfast now what we'll do is we'll give you 
this bowl here it's frozen to the floor i did move your dog food though 
didn't i yes i did i put it in here   that is not he's not gonna 
be wearing that going home hang on bruce okay lots of fuel to heat you up oh good boy he's such a good boy sounds like it's trying to snow again 
it just seems way too cold to snow -10 maybe it will come down as sleet i don't know okay that's good oh man beer isn't frozen my cup is yeah so methylated spirits with 
hand sanitizer doesn't freeze it's it's alcohol my backpack seems okay   i covered all of this so that's 
all right that's not frozen solid now i think this morning i'm 
not gonna bother with pancakes i got a hot breakfast from this is another 
one of those real termats from lena uh from sweden uh this one is i don't even know how 
to say it chocolate muesli chocolate muesli um   it's got 447 calories one person now you're 
meant to just add hot water give it three   minutes and it's good to go so that's 
what we're gonna do we're gonna have that we're gonna have coffee   i do have my pancake mix but i'm just not 
not in the mood for pancakes this morning my feet are going to be freezing very 
quickly because these boots are frozen solid i've got one hot chocolate left so 
my first coffee is going to be a mocha do you want some water bruce i bet you do you're gonna have to have it quickly 
because it's gonna free mind out brucy sit   don't you looking from here is it no that's it there you go he will just eat snow but 
i'd rather give him water bruce come on away away move move bruce come on   no no no okay away come on that's it 
now you're just being pissed come on go go yeah it sounds like it's snowing again and i just put some leaves in 
my cup that was clever wasn't it oh the joys of camping and 
everything's frozen solid yeah yeah i don't know how i'm 
going to do my boots up because i think the laces would snap if i tried   so what i'll do is i'll just fold them 
up a bit and put them inside my boots let them like that i've got waterproof socks on i still skin socks same with the other boot because yeah oh man it's nice just thick i can't believe it's snowing 
again what are you looking at   hmm it's mata that's not food that's 
my shoelace oh you're so excited right cowboy coffee or not actually no not cowboy 
coffee first first i've got to first i've got to put the hot water in here then 
i'll do my cowboy coffee afterwards on the next   boil because obviously the 
coffee grinds gonna be in there this is quite frozen okay smells smells of chocolate 
all right chocolate muesli okay i'll come back to you when i've got 
boiling water uh some food and a hot drink okay it's cold that's a bitter wind yeah so i just 
checked the temperature and it's minus 10.   the wind has changed with southerly so it's coming 
from in front of me now it's just hitting the edge   of the tarp here so i'm just getting some 
protection from the wind only just though i'm not going to hang around long 
here these conditions are a nightmare   well i've got my hot muesli i hope i've put extra water in it though 
because i want it to be more soupy i can't believe how cold it is oh man it is frigid 
i'm sure the camera is going to give up soon   i'm sure it's not meant for these 
conditions hmm that's good yeah tasty this is grim bruce doesn't seem bothered at all   even having my hands out for a 
couple of seconds is a nightmare packing down tim ah jesus too cold to have my hands out packing down camp it's going to be tough everything is frozen solid all the paracord there's a mountain of snow on this side here   is actually lying down in the 
snow you can't actually see him he's lying down in this he's crazy 
i'm going to turn the camera a bit   so you can maybe see him through the gap 
i don't know if you can just make him out through that gap that's him lying down in the snow 
this dog is absolutely mental i mean huskies do it   he does it doesn't seem to bother him at all it 
is minus 10 the wind chill when that wind hits   you it's like -20.

And he's absolutely 
fine with it go figure oh it's so cold let's put a glove on i wouldn't mind it being cold it's just the wind 
the wind chill what kills people up here the wind they haven't got the right gear oh man you come up 
here without the right gear you're absolutely mad so nice to get something warm in me so it's probably gonna take me an hour   yeah an hour to pack up ten can 
you see him there still there see him lying on the snow crazy crazy dog yeah it'll take me an hour 
to pack up temp the camp   and then it's about two and a half hours 
walk back to the car down the mountain yuck ask me if i'm having fun now i wish i could have stayed in my sleeping 
bag you've got to go home at some point i need to zip this up a bit this 
is all going in the tent okay i think that's better   oh man and this is why you have an expedition coat 
when you come up here expedition puffer 750 loft i've got my thermals on underneath 
my waterproof trousers as well   these are pretty thick heavy-duty trousers 
pants whatever you want to call them bruce's water is almost frozen already 
hey brucy this is a brutal southerly wind   i'm just having hot chocolate i'm going to warm bruce's water up for him because it can't be nice 
drinking freezing cold water he's crazy he's standing over here now there's a bit of blue sky but you wouldn't think it so the text 
message said that the rest of the   country the uh the south island new zealand 
airports are closed all sorts of problems   i have no idea i can't i can't check the news 
i've got enough signal just for messaging   but it it felt like a proper winter storm polar blast there's no way i could wait for pancakes this 
morning so yeah i've just gone for a hot chocolate and i think coffee's going 
to do it for me this morning plus i don't want to sweat going downhill 
i usually sweat after having coffee   oh hot drink please oh my word how do those guys do it that cross 
the uh across the south pole nuts this is where a fire oh that would be good now usually what you would do is you would actually just stay 
hunkered down like steve in your tent you would have the transit and 
everything in the vestibule and uh cook everything there so you're 
in you're out of the wind and you tend   to be so much warmer like 10 
degrees warmer in the thames but i do this for you guys hey bruce look i've 
got some hot water for you here some warm water what are you doing bruce going out of it i don't know 
what you're doing he's bit   bruce enough go on he's looking for scraps no brucie go on away i know what you're doing he's looking to see where 
i poured the fat last night yeah so usually you'd sit in your tent and you'd be nice and warm you're cooking the vestibule and life would be easy but i've got bruce with me and he wants 
to run around outside and i'm filming and i deliberately didn't bring a tent with the 
vestibule because i wanted to see how it was well i can tell you right now next 
time i'm coming up here in the winter i'm bringing my styker my hilleberg 
stiker it's got two vestibules and it'll probably be because 
it'll be even more deep winter oh my god thank god for this top yeah 
because it would be even more wintery i will not bring a tarp with me i'll just be in the striker 
i'll just do a winter camp   and then i can go anywhere pitch 
up anywhere i want i don't have   to worry about trees or whatever it's tight up to i don't have to worry about 
how much snow is going to fall but right now get the heat from the triangular underneath me well the wind is really blowing that 
flame around not going out though the boots are still not defrosted they'll 
definitely defrost once to start walking my feet are pretty cold not too bad my 
fingers are warming up now holding this   coffee this hot chocolate and 
the sun is coming out amazing it could be spectacular out there 
on the walk out spectacularly cold now i probably won't film me breaking 
down camp because the camera is struggling i need to keep the battery in my pocket 
and also it's going to take me an hour   to break all this down and pack 
it all up and get my everything   done that's just such a long time 
i'm gonna finish my hot chocolate ponder the areas of my ways 
that led me to be up here and start packing everything up and i'll leave the tent they're tarps you'll last actually no i won't i'll leave the tent 
tool last yeah the reason for that is that if it suddenly if conditions 
suddenly changed and got worse   again or really bad i could just get in 
the tent and zip it all up and be okay and bruce has gone off to the 
sunshine he's sitting in the sun   i bet it feels nice in the sun ah okay let's do this so i've taken the uh i've taken the tarp 
down this is the problem is it's covered   in ice all the seams are frozen there's ice 
balls in all of these plastic connectors   so it's painstaking you've got to you've 
got to get all the ice off the seams and off these plastic bits because 
hey it's not going to fit in the bag   and b it's just extra weight that you're carrying see what i mean about the ice all the seams are frozen solid and that's obviously because 
we had the first night was rain   the paracord is all frozen look 
at that that's my ridge line covered in ice yeah so it's taking me a while i've packed 
pretty much everything else up except the tent   which is going to be next but i've got to get all these ice plots   off here the good news is the wind 
has stopped and the sun has come out and it is cold i haven't seen bruce for ages 
i know he's out there in the sun playing but   he's enjoying himself okay it's pretty much most of the ice off of this 
now there was loads along the seam this was solid   absolutely solid ice like that again because it just went from it 
went from snow it went from rain   to wet snow and then just the temperature 
plummeted and everything froze solid   oh i can't feel my toes right 
come back to you in a bit so you saw the uh just a little drone footage 
while i could so it's beautiful out there well   it was it's clouding over again now uh you saw 
bruce out there playing he's having a great time   right just the last few bits to get out the tent 
and then i've got snow and ice on the side of the   tent that's about a foot and a half thick or foot 
thick that's that's going to be fun clearing up okay so pegs well this would be fun trying to find all these luckily so my plan is to pick the tent up and just 
take it away from the snow wow it's really pushed   in on this side all that snow is i could feel 
it on the inside of the tent last night there's   not much you can do about it though except get 
out and keep clearing it i wasn't gonna do that i don't think i needed the guy lines 
although better to be safe than sorry okay right that should be all 
the pegs i should be able to just shake it off i need to get the ice off of it look at that that slab of snow i don't 
know if you can see it on the camera look at the size of that that's how much snow fell that's quite a quantity right i'm going to scrape all the ice off this 
get the poles out fold it up and put it away ah hey no chrissy okay that's everything 
packed up oh don't forget bruce's bowl   that's broken that's everything packed up 
what do you think brucie is it time to go home   what do you reckon you've been playing 
for hours let me check your feet   oh they're fine not frosty no oh you're 
having so much fun we saw you on the drone   yes we did oh there's the sunshine oh thank god 
oh it's lovely and bruce has had such a great   time and i've had a good time oh you've got some 
frost here thank you for my kisses shake shall   we get that frost out of your feet or you're gonna 
do it yourself what do you think should we go home   coming up all right thanks 
everyone for coming along on this   it's been grim it's been great it's sunny now   i'm walking out like this it i just checked it's 
still -10 um but it'll warm up quickly in the sun if you liked the video give it a thumbs 
up please uh subscribe so you get more of   these and if you want to buy brew some 
myself a treat or a coffee or a beer   or biscuits for bruce uh there's a link for buy 
me a coffee uh thanks again everyone for coming   hope you enjoyed this trip it's been a brutal 
one this has been the coldest grimmest trip yet   um but we've had good fun good company frozen 
boots still absolutely frozen solid can't feel   my toes he's just doing him thanks everyone for 
coming see you bruce i think it's time to go home okay let's go bruce we'll 
go up to the track come on he's been playing out here all morning oh so it's i'm gonna go for that pole over there that 
marker get up there oh because it's a lot easier   walking through this stuff all the 
way especially when i've got gators on oh look at bruce he's having a great time just look at those mountains imagine being up there so i heard the avalanche look at this sorry about the wind noise oh it's cold it's really cold that sun's doing nothing man it's so cold i don't know where 
bruce has gone bruce oh he's fighting   he was hiding in the tussock oh gosh it's hard work walking through 
snow ah it is so cold it's bitter   okay come back to you at the track okay so here 
we are there's the track marker just there oh   look at this the sun is not really doing much 
we were camped over there yeah all over there   and it is well first first of all i can't 
have my hands out for long it's so cold   minus 20 windshield and it's ripping over here a 
lot of snow fell up the tops there and yeah okay   let me turn this around right thanks for coming 
everybody it's so cold oh this wind is brutal you   can easily get frostbite in these conditions i've 
got to keep moving because it is so cold right   thanks for coming along everybody see you next 
time bruce you're gonna come say goodbye bruce   bruce is having a great time look at him at 
the track bruce come here what are you doing   he's he's just full of beans 
he loves these conditions we brought him up here so many times come here 
bruce hey can i say goodbye to everybody oh   you got snowballs let me deal with those come 
here i gotta get those snowballs off you come   here look at your little snowballs all right 
bye everybody thanks for coming on this trip

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