Hitler’s Plans for the World if He Won

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Adolf Hitler stands on a podium to great applause.
His chaotic mind is racing as the crowd screams out “Heil Hitler!”, a crowd made up of
not just Germans, but various nationalities that have fallen under his evil spell. The
super-power of Germany is untouchable. There’s no such thing as the Soviet Union anymore.
The “great” of Great Britain is lying in the mud. Millions are being executed while
millions more are enslaved in Hitler’s labor camps. There’s just one more thing to accomplish,
and that’s annihilating the USA, to subdue what Hitler regards as a low down, dirty “race
of mongrels.” He has won, and it’s hell on earth for many.
We’ll get around to this stand-off with the USA, but first, we need to know how Hitler
pulled it off, this unbelievable victory in Europe.

Here we mix reality with fiction.
As you know, at the start of the Second World War in 1939, Hitler’s army, the Wehrmacht,
devastated Poland. With its legion of Panzer tanks and an incredibly efficient mobile infantry,
the Poles were no match for the Germans. The attack was like lightning, which is what the
word “Blitzkrieg” is derived from. In September, German bombs were dropped on
the town of Luck, not just destroying buildings but even killing kids on their way to school.
This sent a message of what was to come. The Polish pilot B. J. Solak noted, “The stench
of burning and a brown veil of smoke filled all the air around our town.” No one was
spared. The German air force, the Luftwaffe, rained
hellfire down on Poland. Trains were seen derailed from the tracks; kids screamed at
the sight of the dead.

It was a terror no one could have expected, and so on September
3, Britain and France declared war on Germany. Amazingly, France was beaten in just 6 weeks,
and in time, something worrying occurred. Surprisingly most of the French accepted the
new Vichy government, one sympathetic to Nazi ideology. Not many know that a large number
of people in France endorsed Hitler’s hatred towards the Jews. Bear this in mind as we
go through this story today. But by that time, Denmark, Norway, Belgium,
the Netherlands, and Luxembourg had already been beaten by the Germans. It was as if the
German soldiers were on steroids, which isn’t far from the truth in view of their heavy
use of the powerful methamphetamine, Pervitin.

And with Norway defeated, Hitler now also
had access to heavy water, although not known at the time, this is a key ingredient in the
creation of the nuclear bomb. This was bad, bad news. When France fell and the British
were left scurrying for their lives on their escape from Dunkirk, it looked as though the
Germans were totally invincible. These conquests so far meant tens of thousands
of Germans killed and many more injured. France itself had lost 50,000 men in the invasion,
Britain 11,000, but now Germany had a massive 1.5 million prisoners of war. It would have
been much worse had the Brits not had their miracle at Dunkirk.
Britain was at this point waiting for the Battle of Britain. It was a frightening thing
to imagine. Not many people thought this small island nation could hold its own, but the
fighting spirit still burned within Britain.

As a wounded British soldier named Paul Richey
said when he was flown back to England from France, he couldn’t imagine his country
going the same way as France had. In his own words, he said, “With my mind
still filled with the blast and flame that had shattered France, I was seized with utter
disgust at the smug contentness enjoyed behind the sea barrier.” Still, he worried about
what was around the corner. On June 18, 1940, Winston Churchill spoke
at the House of Commons. In his impeccable oratory style, he said,
“I expect the Battle of Britain is about to begin. Upon this battle depends the survival
of Christian civilization. Upon it depends our own British life…” He was probably
right. Churchill went on, “Hitler knows he will
have to break us in this island or lose the war…If we fail, then the whole world, including
the United States, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age.” He said that upon the
defeat of Germany, men will say that this was their “finest hour.”
And take note, he said Hitler would go after the USA.

It was just a matter of time, according
to this cigar-munching elitist, who admittedly, was drunk and drugged up half the time. Still,
he correctly envisioned the hell that Hilter would unleash. That’s why Churchill was
so against settling with Hitler. He was sure at some point the furious Fuhrer would have
Britain in shackles and take over its empire. Hitler, WOULD, NOT, STOP, not until Nazi ideology
pervaded the globe. The Battle of Britain commenced. In the skies,
British Hawker Hurricanes and Spitfires fought it out with German Messerschmitt BF 109s. The so-called dogfights were crazy, and many
young pilots who went up didn’t come back down, alive anyway. Here is how one spitfire
pilot described a day at work, “We were both flying in a tight circle. Just a little
more and I’ll have him. Pressing the trigger I waited expectantly for the 109 to explode.
I’ve hit his wing.” He was one of the lucky ones. Life expectancy
for an RAF pilot during the war was a grim thing indeed. 60 percent of operational airmen
died, were injured, or became prisoners of war.

Around 51 percent of all RAF aircrew
died. Bombs from German Junkers rained down on strategic
locations in England, with sirens blaring on a regular basis during what the Brits called
the “blitz.” It went on for eight months, but the British down below were typically
amenable to hardships. One woman wrote in her diary, “I wonder what the pilots feel,
after all, somebody loves them even if they’re Nazis.”
At some point, Hitler made the mistake of withdrawing aircraft for Russia’s planned
invasion in May 1941. That really was a mistake. It turned out the Germans lacked a cogent
strategic plan. The planes also often missed their targets and British scientists were
good at reading German signals and jamming their radars.
The British public showed fortitude, too.

A woman named Barbara Dixon wrote that she’d
never even heard of Poland, but she’d do anything to repel that “beast” of Hitler,
who she said was trying to “blow us up, or murder us in our beds.”
Historians say attacking Britain was of the great blunders Germany made in the war, with
the next being the invasion of the Soviet Union.

Had Hitler focused all his strength
on Britain and not at one point said, ok, we’ll come back for you later, the Brits
might have settled with Germany. Many people in Britain wanted that. They didn’t think
Hitler was as crazy as he turned out to be. Hitler had many times expressed his liking
for British culture, and he said unlike those mongrels in America, Britain had a good “Aryan”

Prior to German propagandists criticizing the British for their empire’s atrocities
and their plutocrats living like kings while the working class lived in slums, Hitler had
some pretty good relations with certain British politicians.
Britain’s army was nothing compared to the German army, and no one really expected them
to hold their own in the skies. Even the US ambassador in London, Joseph Kennedy, said
Britain had no chance. Despite 23,000 civilians dying and around
33,000 injured, with the German retreat confidence was bolstered. It’s thought 1,000 RAF planes
were shot down with about 544 Fighter Command pilots losing their lives. Then with bombers
and coastal guard losses, that added up to 1542 planes lost and another 1542 lives lost.
The German Luftwaffe lost around 1,800 planes and more than 2,500 pilots were killed.
Across the pond, an American journalist wrote, “Adolf Hitler met his first defeat in eight
years in what might go down in history as a battle as important as Waterloo or Gettysburg.”
Winston Churchill uttered those now-famous words, “Never in the field of human conflict
was so much owed by so many to so few.” This bolstered confidence in the US, too,
and elsewhere in the world.

Germany wasn’t invincible. It sent a strong message, and
for Britain, at that time having the most powerful navy in the world, it knew no Germans
would be walking down its streets anytime soon.
But as we said, Hitler planned to come back for Britain, just as soon as he had taken
care of other matters, namely the Soviet Union. The reason we’ve spent some time on this
matter is that had Britain been soundly beaten and backed down, the whole outcome of the
war would have been different.

With Britain out of the war, Germany could have focused
less time on one very formidable foe, in Europe, in Asia, and in Africa.
It would have also sent a strong message to the Soviet Union, and to the United States.
Remember, the US didn’t want to get involved in a bloody European war. US citizens didn’t
want their young men being shot to pieces far from its now incredibly industrious shores.
But in our alternative universe, let’s say Germany did succeed in having air superiority
over Britain. Germany might then have launched Operation Sealion, the planned land invasion
of Britain. This was not Hitler’s first choice. He had been hoping for the British
to accept his offer to back down out of the war.
This is what Hitler had said needed to happen for that invasion to be successful. First,
he said the RAF had to be “beaten down in its morale and in fact, that it can no longer
display any appreciable aggressive force in opposition to the German crossing.”
He then hoped the English Channel would be swept of mines and if the British Navy was
distracted with fighting in the North Sea and the Mediterranean, it would make crossing
the channel into England more achievable.

Apparently, even Hitler’s inner circle wasn’t
keen on this idea, and if you read the writings of contemporary historians, most will tell
you he would have failed. Field Marshall Gerd von Rundstedt suspected
Hitler was just trying to bluff Britain into pulling out of the war. He said by God, even
Napoleon failed to invade Britain. The place was a veritable fortress. The German navy,
the Kriegsmarine, was no match for the British Navy. It ruled the waves and had done so for
years. But in our scenario, Britain lost in the air.
The morale of the military and the public was very low. The British Navy, as Hitler
wanted, was spread out. The German Navy fought remarkably, better than expected, and before
you could say “schadenfreude”, the powerful British elites were foreseeing losing their
empire while watching Panzer tanks make a mess of that beautiful British grass.

country soon surrendered, just as France had. Now Britain was finished, Hitler could certainly
win the war. With France and Britain subdued, and to our
modern shame, many people in both countries were now buying into Hitler’s Aryan rubbish.
The Germans could now go full throttle at the Soviet Union.
Ok, back to real life. Hitler had made a nonaggression pact with
another tyrant, Joseph Stalin, but then he invaded Russia anyway. Never trust the word
of a tyrant. The German army, full of confidence, was sure it would walk through Russia. They
also thought they were doing the right thing, as this 18-year German soldier named Henry
Metelmann said: “I accepted as natural that it was German
duty for the good of humanity to impose our way of life on lower races and nations, who,
probably because of their limited intelligence, would not quite understand what we were on
about.” Hitler hated Jews, but he was no fan of Slavs,
either. His notion that most Germans were pure Aryans was utterly ridiculous given centuries
of the inter-mixing of people in northern Europe. It was ridiculous full stop, but even
so he was prepared to annihilate slavish people.

As for Communists, once he’d won the war
in Russia they would either have to forfeit their ideology or die. The many millions of
Jews in the Soviet Union would be hunted down and killed.
As General Erich Hoepner said, “The war with Russia is a vital part of the German
people’s existence. It is the old fight of German against the Slav, the defense of
European culture against the Muscovite-Asiatic flood, and the repulse of Jewish Bolshevism.”
So, mark our words, the people of the Soviet Union would have been spared no quarter, or
at least those that fit into what Hitler described as “lower races”.

And while Joseph Stalin,
by the time he died, had the blood of tens of millions of people on his paranoid hands,
his zero-tolerance to people not fighting was one reason why Germany couldn’t defeat
him. The Soviets killed around 300,000 of their
own soldiers for refusing to fight, fighting badly, or going AWOL. People starved because
of Stalin’s focus on building weaponry above feeding his people. People even changed sides
because they detested Stalin so much. But if he hadn’t have been so bloody despotic,
Germany might well have won. For the invasion, Operation Barbarossa, Hitler
deployed around 3.6 million troops, 2,700 aircraft, and 3,600 tanks, which was record-breaking
in terms of European warfare. Stalin had 2.9 million troops, 8,000 aircraft and 11,000
tanks, but the Germans were superior in terms of technology and general warfare.
But let’s think, if Germany had just defeated Britain in our fictional scenario, there would
be a spring in the military’s step. They’d also be making use of that excellent British
arms industry. For instance, in real life, Hitler had thousands
of French prisoners of war slaving away in its munitions industry, plus around 650,000
French civilian laborers, not to mention the Vichy French fighting for Germany.
Over in the USA, in real life again, many people didn’t have much love for the Soviet

The famed American aviator Charles Lindbergh said at the time, “I would a hundred
times rather see my country ally herself with Britain, or even Germany with all her faults,
than the cruelty, the Godlessness, and the barbarism of the Soviet Union.”
There was more support for Nazism in the US than you might think, hence Philip Roth’s
alternative reality novel, “The Plot Against America.” The famed industrialist Henry Ford admired
Nazi Germany, and he was for much of his life very much antisemitic, showcased in the anti-Semitic
books he published with titles such as “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost
Problem.” Back to our alternate reality, with a British
loss and the USA hardly coming to the rescue, there is every chance that Germany could have
won in Russia, especially if its ally – for the short term anyway – Japan, would also
have attacked Russia.

Just think, with Britain defeated, Japan wouldn’t have had to fight
the country in Singapore, Hong Kong, and what were then Malaya and Burma.
We also have to remember the impact of all the countries of the British empire that fought
alongside Britain. Think about British India and the massive impact it had on the war,
or India alone, whose two and a half million troops fought under British command. Think
about Canada, which couldn’t have fought on since it was a dominion of the British
Empire. Or even Australia, who although didn’t join the war effort right away, still provided
the Brits with manpower and resources. We understand this is overly simplistic, and
we haven’t even discussed any country’s atomic bomb research, but let’s just say
after Britain fell, the invasion of Russia went as Hitler planned. It was over within
a year. This really could have happened had things just been a bit different.
What would the USA be thinking now after much of Europe and some of Asia had fallen to Adolf
Hitler and Japan? As we said, Americans didn’t want to fight
in a European war.

William Calflin, the then head of Harvard, said as much, one time stating,
“Hitler’s going to win. Let’s be friends with him.” Many people thought this way,
but of course, they weren’t fully aware of Hitler’s plans for world domination and
the sheer ugliness of what he was capable of.
Still, the US had meddled in the war by freezing assets and preventing Japan from getting the
oil it needed to attempt to build its empire during the war, and Japan didn’t much like
this American interference. The US wasn’t totally out of the war, lending
weapons to Britain and helping in other ways, all for a price of course.

But then companies
such as GM and Ford, IBM also sold what was described as “useful war materials” to
Germany. The US made hay while bombs spilled down on Europe, coming out of the war much
richer. It might have stayed that way if Japan hadn’t
launched that famous attack. Japan had hoped that after attacking the U.S Pacific Fleet
at Pearl Harbor, the US would revert to its isolationist policies.
In our alternate reality, the US had watched on as Germany’s Operation Barbarossa was
successful and Britain and France were a spent force. In this case, had the Pearl Harbor
attack happened, the US might well have not retaliated. But then, had history been different,
the US might not have interfered one bit and the attack on Pearl Harbor wouldn’t have
happened in the first place. That’s how things are in our alternate world.
So, right now, Hitler is over the moon. The problem is, he has enemies everywhere in his
vanquished countries.

This is why he is sending out death squads to hunt down the people he
doesn’t like. For this, he deploys mobile death squads, aka, the “Einsatzgruppen.”
They scour German-occupied Europe looking for their victims, and that includes Jewish
people, communists, gypsies, anti-fascists, and even intellectuals. Hitler didn’t leave
all the work to his death squad though, he prepared a list in 1940 of what he perceived
to be “dangerous brits”, kept in his “Black Book”.
He is well aware that he is very much despised by a lot of people in occupied Britain.

French had a resistance, but it was small and only really significant close to the end
of the war. Still, there would have been resistance in Britain, too.
The black book contained 2,820 names, from Jews to journalists to anti-fascists to spies
to politicians to academics to novelists, all to be immediately arrested once Britain
was successfully invaded. This book can give you some idea about what would have happened
if Hitler had won the war. There are some names in the book that would
surprise you, including the great writer Aldous Huxley. If Hitler had won in England, this
writer of the book “Brave New World” might not have had the chance in 1949 to congratulate
George Orwell on his dystopian novel, “1984.” We very much doubt he would have written to
Orwell, saying, “Within the next generation I believe that the world's leaders will discover
that infant conditioning…is more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and
prisons…by flogging them and kicking them into obedience.” He was right, as it turned
out in the long run. Anyway, Hitler was doing a lot of flogging
and kicking in the UK, and perhaps Huxley as well as other British intellectuals who
liked the idea of freedom would have been sent to Nazi extermination camps.
These Brits had no idea they were on Hitler’s hit list, with the playwright Noel Coward
writing after the war, “If anyone had told me at that time that I was high up on the
Nazi blacklist I should have laughed and told them not to talk nonsense.” For the most
part, no one really understood what Hitler would do to secure his vision of a Nazi-led

In Britain as well as in the Soviet Union,
Jews, Gypsies, Communists, certain kinds of intellectuals, are sent to the labor camps
to work, or die in the process. Young and fit people in Britain, as well as Russia would
be drafted to work for the Nazi war machine and its general industries.
This machine has to expand, after all, Hitler has the USA in his sights, a country now wondering
if Churchill had been right and if they should have helped out earlier when Germany was more
vulnerable. Meanwhile, Britain adopts a new government
in line with the Nazi regime. That is an authoritarian, antisemitic, and xenophobic government led
by Oswald Mosely, whose British Union of Fascists has just been resurrected after being disbanded
in 1940. Not too many years earlier, Hitler had kept
a keen eye on Moseley, impressed when he said things such as, “For the first time I openly
and publicly challenge the Jewish interests of this country, commanding commerce, commanding
the Press, commanding the cinema, dominating the City of London, killing industry with
their sweat-shops.” And now, with Hitler at the helm and Mosely
his man in England, the German propaganda machine goes into hyperdrive.

What’s astounding
is how quickly many people in Britain embrace what Mosely is saying. He promises an end
to corrupt banking, telling them the upper classes have kept them in bondage for centuries.
Soon thugs like the old King and Church mobs squash any resistance to the British fascists.
People are afraid to speak out against fascism. Progressives are hunted down. And something
similar is happening in Russia. The Russian Fascist Party had never been that
big. But now with Stalin and almost all of the
politburo exterminated or in labor camps, and with the Germans releasing many thousands
of Soviet prisoners from gulags, a lot of people start to believe the Nazi propaganda.
Millions had died under Stalin. Millions more had been on the verge of starvation or been
sent to gulags, and generally lived in fear.

That’s why it doesn't take long for these
deeply oppressed people to embrace another form of government, one that promises a better
society. As time goes on, while Germany focuses much of its efforts on industry and taking
back the African colonies that had been taken away after the First World War, something
strange is happening in the USA. The German propaganda machine under Joseph
Goebbels is incredibly effective, even far away in the US.
The mass exterminations have been kept away from the world’s eyes for the most part,
despite the rumors and in spite of the spying. The US public doesn’t know about those wicked
massacres of innocent people. So, as the Nazis spew out propaganda regarding
how their new world order is rescuing people from out-of-control capitalist slavery and
releasing them from the chains they say the Jewish elite have placed on them, a worrying
number of people are taking interest in the fascist movement in the US.
Remember, this is a country where a massive part of the poorer population has just gone
through absolute hell during the Great Depression.

Hitler blames all that on the Jews, and when
leading fascism supporters in the US talk, some of the American people listen, as they
also do over the border where the Canadian Union of Fascists speak at events.
Then when Charles Lindberg stands up and promotes his America First policy, pro-fascist, isolationists
in the crowd cheer. These crowds just keep growing and antisemitic sentiment grows with
it. Even though the USA is already backward when it comes to civil rights compared to
other advanced nations, racism becomes even more intense throughout the nation.
The fascists in the US say leave Europe to its own devices.

They say any form of intervention
in European affairs will likely be disastrous given the now-great power of Germany. People
look up to Lindenberg when he says things like this:
“A few farsighted Jewish people realize this and stand opposed to intervention. But
the majority still do not. Their greatest danger to this country lies in their large
ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio, and our government.”
Remember, this guy is a national hero. When he speaks, many people are glued to his every
word. The US government has awarded this famed aviator the Medal of Honor and the Distinguished
Flying Cross, but now the Nazis have also given him a medal, namely the Commander Cross
of the Order of the German Eagle.

The Nazis know that Lindberg and Ford, two
of the most powerful men in America, often discuss what they and the Nazis call the “Jewish
Problem”. Perhaps, Hitler thinks, Germany doesn’t need to attack the US at its borders.
Perhaps, he can take control from within its borders, with the help of an American Fascist
Party working on his behalf. Hitler muses that it isn’t as if this country
of “mongrels” doesn’t already have widespread white supremacy. America can quite easily
be pushed over the edge, he assumes. Those he calls the mongrels will once again be enslaved
and the Jewish will be executed. The racial segregation that already exists in the US
will just be taken up a notch. Hitler had once said that the US military
posed no threat, but he has changed his mind as of late.

Invading the US he knows is an
almost impossible task, even though part of him believes the country's military is weak
due to it’s racial diversity. He writes in his diary one day that he’d like nothing
more than to see New York in flames. Japan has already been granted part of the
former Soviet Union, and the country is certainly up for an invasion of the US. But will it
work? The months pass, the year ticks over, and
the power of the Nazis just grows and grows. Now with so much European industry in its
control and an army like the world has never seen, the US is a David to the Goliath of

And this is why the isolationists in the US
win over so many of the people. War will mean mass death. It will mean a certain defeat.
Why not, just as so many have said in the past, be on good terms with Hitler? Do some
trade with him. To become his enemy is a death sentence and finance-wise, it makes no sense
at all. Hitler contemplates on the costs of a long-distance
invasion, but even with British ships now under his control, taking that many men across
the sea is a herculean task.

Feeding those men, getting the fuel for the machines, moving
all that equipment across the ocean, just seems like a bridge too far.
But, if the Canadian fascists, who are now gaining popularity like the British fascists
have, go for war, a land invasion against the so-called “decadent capitalists” can
happen overland from Canada. It will take time and the movement of many resources, not
to mention it would also be very risky. Things aren’t looking good for the US. Damn,
think a lot of people, if the UK had only been able to repel Germany, none of this would
have happened. That little island losing to the Nazis had changed the entire outcome of
the history of the world.

Then one day Hitler is sitting at his desk,
and he receives a report that has taken months to compile. The report states that throughout
Europe an estimated 9.7 million Jews have been exterminated. It also states that 350,000
homosexuals have been killed, along with close to 840,000 Romani and Sinti people. Things
have moved much faster since Europe was defeated by Hitler.
The report doesn’t state how many disabled people have died in the camps, although Hitler
is pleased when he reads that they are being used for various medical experiments. People
of color, says the report, as well as intellectuals, are mostly being employed in slave labor activities,
although many have also been exterminated.

Meanwhile, scientists working in the USA are
making headway with an atomic bomb project. Little do they know that if they could have
collaborated with scientists in Britain, the project would almost be complete. Now Hitler
has control over Britain’s project, seeing that under Mosely, Britain is nothing more
than a German puppet state. It also helps that former King Edward VIII has been restored
to the throne, a much more suitable monarch for the Nazis than George VI.
But what about life in general in this new Europe?
Hitler believes that he can create a utopian society, but it is only possible when the
people he thinks have caused the world’s problems are all dead: man, woman, and child.
He hates religion, but in his new empire, he actually endorses religious tolerance.
This is more out of fear of mass resistance than anything else.
He also promotes selective polygamy, believing that if you mix the right genes you will create
the right product, products for his army, for his science projects, for his idea of
societal harmony. At times, this is oppressive for women, who are usually the ones selected.
Strangely, for a man with so much blood on his hands, Hitler detests cruelty to animals
and even endorses – but not enforces – national vegetarianism.
At the same time, he abhors what he calls “degenerative art” and he hates the artists
just as much, even if they do tick the right box for his so-called master race.

He bans
pornography in Germany, as well as prostitution, some intellectual pursuits, certain kinds
of writing and poetry, decadent music, excessive boozing, and smoking.
His puppet states are not asked to conform to these ideals, but in many cases, the new
fascists around Europe espouse and enforce the ideals of the Nazis.
In some ways, those who follow Hitler do see some benefits, even some businesses and industries
improve since Hitler has taken a zero-tolerance stand against corruption. The totalitarian
way, he says, must be simple and without deceits. It is also horribly oppressive and leads to
unhappiness that people try not to show. Just as one critic over in the US says, “The
utopia that Hitler seeks can never be free from tyranny – anyone who says they don’t
like this new paradise will be severely punished.” The guy who writes that is soon beaten up
by one of the now widespread pro-fascist mobs in the US.
The year is now 1944.

For some time, British scientists have been working on an atomic
bomb under the Tube Alloys Project, something that has been kept secret from everyone except
those who need to know in Canada. This project was actually started before the USA’s Manhattan
Project. The Brits had forecast a bomb not being ready
until 1947, but once the new German and Soviet scientists join the project and the Germans
have more facilities, with newly built heavy bombers, and a hell of a lot more money to
make the bombs, the project is completed in 1944.
But the US Manhattan Project is also just about ready.

Little do the world’s public
know, that a nightmare situation is taking place. In 1945, both sides test their bombs
and so it is now known just how much destructiveness is in the hands of leaders, and more concerning,
in the hands of a man who thinks very little of American mongrels.
The strange thing is, Hitler, despite the fact he's gassed millions of people, does
not embrace the use of superweapons.

He’s even held off on using chemical weapons, even
though the Germans at the start of the war had a huge stockpile of deadly Sarin gas.
So, it is not so surprising that he doesn’t like the thought of using an atomic bomb.
As for the US, it was well aware of what is coming back if it drops a bomb, and why would
it, when Hitler has not yet made it clear he will invade the US. As crazy as Hitler
is, he doesn't want to die. He doesn’t want his idea of utopia to be destroyed. Still,
if something doesn’t change in the US, he might have to do something.
This Cold War stalemate creates a frenzy among the public, especially the American public
that, according to polls, do not want to go to war with Hitler.

It is during the next
chaotic year that Lindberg creates the American Fascist Party, to be sympathetic with Nazi
ethos, but with an assurance from Hitler that Germany will not interfere in American affairs.
So, how does Hitler finally win this war? It is when fascism wins in the USA, when fear,
bitterness, anger, and stupidity, push people to the polls to tick the box under “American
Fascist Party.” Some of the poor just want change, and rightly so, but out of desperation,
political distrust, and lack of options, they unwittingly choose their own demise.
Lindberg has assured that no Americans will be harmed in relation to their race or creed,
but already an ugliness has seeped into a once hopeful culture. Gangs roam the streets
at night, throwing Molotov cocktails through house windows. The police don’t do much
to stop it.

This will only get worse. Families of Jewish people, African Americans,
and other minorities for that matter, huddle together in living rooms and shed tears when
they watch Lindberg throw his fist in the air on his victory. It is a victory for Hitler
just as much. America closes its doors to the world, but
inside the house something is rotten. No structure can remain standing when the foundations are
warped and decayed. Totalitarianism will eat itself. It suppresses natural creativity,
and with it, societal progress. It foments distrust and paranoia, and in time, that leads
to widespread violence and unhappiness. One day goodness, and morality, and love,
and compassion among all races, will win out and that rotten house will fall down, but
not for now. The present is Hitler’s Utopia, hell on Earth, even for most of the ones who’ve
asked for it. Now you need to learn something that will
amaze you in “Why Hitler's Nephew Was His Worst Enemy.” Or, have a look at…

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