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And there's a building,
and another building, and ooh, an even taller building. Ooh, good tour. [panting] Hey! Ronnie Anne! Hey, those kids are calling you. – Hey, didn't you hear us?
– Duh, obviously not. Hey! I’m Lincoln. I’m sure Ronnie
Anne’s told you all about me. Actually, no. I’m Casey. That’s Sameer.
And that’s Nikki. ‘Sup? How do you know Santiago? Um, Linc’s a part of my rough
and tumble past. Ha! The only thing rough and tumble
was that church carnival ride that made us puke up our cotton candy. – We should get going.
– You guys wanna hang with us? – Heck, yeah!
– Sweet! You bet! – Outta my way!
– Watch it! Watch where you're going! Hey! Excuse– Ah! [coughing] So, what do you guys do for fun up
on 300th street? – 300th Street? What are you… ahh!
– Oops! My bad.

Sorry, Linc. Ahh! These pigeons are crazy! Aren’t they just as crazy uptown? – What do you mean? I’m not from… ah!
– Um, you looked hot. OK, two stops to 45th Street. This is an express train to 250th Street.
– Wait, what? [screaming] Welcome to the top deck. Don’t forget your complimentary souvenir
photo on the way out! Ooh! This view is amazing!
Our tallest building doesn’t come close to this. But, it does provide
a great view of my friend Liam’s chicken farm. I’ve never heard of a chicken
farm in the city. – I don’t live in the c…
– Oh look! A blimp! Ah, you missed it. Hey Ronnie Anne,
it’s pretty cold up here. Don’t you wanna put your sweatshirt on? – No. I’m good.
– Then can I borrow it? I’m cold. – No! You’re good too!
– Just let me borrow it! Hey! What’s your problem? I know what’s going on.
You lied to your friends and told them you’re from Uptown
instead of Royal Woods. – What? That’s ridiculous!
– I’m not dumb.

Are you embarrassed about being
from Royal Woods? – Just drop it, Lincoln!
– Well, you can do what you want, but I’m not lying about where I’m from. Why do you have to mess
everything up for me? I didn’t ask you to come here in the
first place! You’re right! So, maybe I’ll just go! Right after I take my complimentary
souvenir photo! [sigh] OK, I'm still a city girl.

I can find my way ba– [screaming] [squawking] Hey everyone! I just remembered
I need to go home. So, I’m gonna pack. [crying] Babe, are you okay? – Where’s Lincoln?
– He’s packing. What’s going on? – I did something dumb.
– What happened down there today? – Must be pirates.
– Come on. We need to get to the bottom of this! [sobbing] I'm sorry, Boo Boo Bear. But there's just no way
I can live in the city. But what about our plans? We're supposed to go
to college here together. That was before I fell in a manhole! [sobbing] Aw, babe. When I first got here, I walked right
into the back end of a police horse. Lucky for me,
he hadn't eaten lunch yet.

[gasping] [laughing] Life isn't always easy here,
but once you get the hang of it, it's really great and
I know you're gonna love it. Thanks, Bobby.
I feel a lot better. Lincoln, you can’t leave. I didn’t mean
what I said before. I do want you here. I just don’t understand why you don’t
want your friends to know you’re from – Royal Woods.
– I don’t know.

I guess I wanted them to think I was a
city kid so they’d wanna hang out with me. Well, if they’re really your friends,
they'll like you for who you are, – not where you’re from.
– Guess you're right. Thanks, Lame-o.
Come on. – We need a do over of today.
– Just doing our weekly door inspection. This one fails! Can we start with a redo of
my complimentary photo? It didn’t come out that great.

[laughing] Sure, but let me
take care of something first. Hey. Can I talk to you guys?
Um, I haven’t been honest with you. I’m not from the city. I’m from a small
town called Royal Woods. Both of us are. I’m sorry I lied. I get it if you don’t
wanna hang out anymore. Of course, we wanna hang with you. Yeah, we don’t care! I mean, I’m from
Kansas. Wait, what? I’m just messin’ with you. Hey, let's get something to eat.
I'm suddenly craving garlic knots.

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