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What's up there everyone! 😄 Welcome here to
a new video on my youtube channel. This video here…. I've been wanting to do for such a long time. And today you know… Today was the day. I felt ready to record it. And
the topic actually that I want to cover here is… It's an interesting topic that I
really felt need to talk about for multiple reasons that we'll explore
through the video. What I actually want to talk about is something I've been living with for a long time. And something I will live with for the rest of my life… The fact that I am a short guy. So, with 164 centimeters or 5
feet 4 inches, if I'm getting that right. I am way below the average height
of many countries. It's big thing actually as a guy to be short.
Because… everywhere where you look everywhere, every movie every serie –
everywhere. Maybe a few exceptions here and there but the majority of movies and
series and everything the guy is always taller than the girl.

Always. There's no
question to it. That's like a standard that the guy should be taller than the
girl. And when you as a guy aren't taller than most girls it it can feel like
there's something wrong with you. Especially because that that message has
been so shown to us everywhere. It can really start biting down on your
self-esteem and it did for me when I was younger. I'm way more okay with it today. I've come to an acceptance to it that I am
how I am and I can't change my height, right.

So, I'm much more okay with it but in the
past I really struggled actually with that. There's been so many social
experiments, and I will link a few up in the description of this video here,
where let's say ten girls, you would ask 10 girls would you be together… And be
together right that's really important not dates be together means you
permanently be together with that person dating means just maybe for a couple of
days or something but so will you be together with a guy who is less
good-looking as you if you would ask 10 girls that question 8 out of 10 maybe
even 9 out of 10 would say like yes no problem with that at all right if you
would ask 10 girls they're the same girls we're different girls doesn't
matter actually will you be together and again be together with a guy who is less
tall as you eight or even nine out of ten will tell
you no the taller you are the better that's often something sets and and if
you would ask girls what they would like in a man I mean a tall guy is so often
something they say if we talk about physical appearance being tall is the
most important thing you know you can look not so handsome that's fine but if
you're tall that's good that's the most important thing so I once answered on
Quora and core is a platform where you can ask questions and and other people
can answer that for those who don't know Korra um a question from a guy who asked
what to do if you're a short guy and I listed a couple of of tips and and
pieces of advice that I've learned through the years of being a short guy
and and I got a lot of up voice but more surprisingly I got a lot of private
messages from other guys who asked me fighting that even any more tips and
pieces of advice so I felt like well I do actually and I wanted to make a video
here on YouTube because I I also wanted to talk more about this thing of being a
short guy we're a lot of times pushed away or looked down on by girls and as
well by other guys actually so yeah I wanted to talk about that as well more
here in this video and another platform like YouTube while also going through
the tips that I shared on Quora with additional new tips here for in this
video so for any you know short guy here watching this video you know man I I
hope these tips will be of help to you and yeah let me just start and dig into
the first one so everyone has something now you really
get through really got to understand this because it's it's true everyone is
something you might be talking to a tall handsome guy and all the girls seem to
like and you might think like them that that guy is perfect but that person too
has something of a lesser quality everyone is something you gotta look at
your qualities and really focus on those really take out your strengths you know
if you have humor if you are a smart guy whatever really take those out and show
your qualities show your strengths and to fill them even into into stronger
strengths because that actually is going to make you tall and look strong
compared to other people you know who are taller maybe physically really go
all-in on them and people are gonna remember you by those qualities not by
the fact that you're a short guy so the next thing is do what you can do
here I just want to go into a couple of more practical tips of things that you
can change okay so the first one is the own way of clothes that are too
large right because then you're gonna appear more short don't wear bands that
are like just that you can swim in because again it's gonna make you even
look shorter wear clothes that really fit you just I
mean nothing too crazy here right and I don't want to tell you here how you
should dress right that's everyone's choice and everyone's decision but there
are certain clothes Styles kind of what I'm like a shirt generally looks really
good and girls really like it's just like
good jeans that that fit you nice shoes brown shoes you know they they kind of
look good wearing a watch wearing more serious clothes not that you to behave
more serious or something but it makes you appear more mature and for predating
and an in career as well those are things that people will take you more
serious through that and again I'm not telling you what you should wear I'm
also not wearing a watch here because of that reason right I think it's a great
watch good like it it can never be a bad thing actually to get sort of a updates
on your clothes style and again this doesn't have to be complicated but he
definitely did a lot for me actually I used to wear a lot of like skater
clothes which was mostly like longer t-shirts and longer pants so I'm kind of
speaking here out of experience that it makes you look even shorter but that I
mean that was what I was into back then of course when I was like a teenager I
definitely have more success with girls having more mature clothes which I like
to wear right I really like this style of clothes so maybe you are currently
having clothes style that you've been wearing for a lot of years maybe it
could be nice that you do freshen it up get a new style try something new out
you know life in this life is an experiment so experiments and try things
out there's a lot of studies even on that
how do you smell in determines a lot in how much the girl like you or might be
interested in you afterwards when she gets know you and you're a certain guy
you know then okay she will not like you anymore but it helps to make a girl be
more attracted to you if you smell good actually this is
something cuz I do get a lot of compliments actually and I'm not kidding
from a lot of girls that I smell kids and it's really nice right and I've been
analyzing like what do I do then I get why I get so many compliments
on that what I do my my trickier I guess is I don't have any perfume actually I
just use it the alterans and I spray it on my clothes
I never sprayed under my arms I don't really like that and I don't get the
point actually of doing that too much cuz you take a shower and then you're
fresh again if you spray it on your clothes that that stays on there right
until you wash it but you don't have to wash your clothes every day
so my all my clothes you smell really good and I've got so many compliments
from so many girls I would I would advise you and I would give that zip buy
a nice smelling the alterans or perfume you can do it with perfume
too right it definitely helps and can make you more attractive as a short guy so another tip here of things that you
can change maintain your health people are naturally more attracted to people
who look healthy lose your weight if you're overweight it's also if you smoke
stop smoking I mean it's not gonna happen probably through this video by me
just saying that but you know I'm just telling you because you know if you
smoke you can really see it on the skin of people actually with smoke it's more
gray it's more older they have more wrinkles it doesn't make you look more
attractive if you smoke so therefore stop smoking also like
foods I mean if you're overweight then naturally you're not eating healthy
either but even if your metabolism is pretty good and you don't immediately
get a lot of weight you could still eat unhealthy and eating unhealthy can also
determine how your skin looks and it's not like I'm some beauty obsessed guy or
something at all but these are just natural disinfects that I'm just trying
to give to you these are practical tips of things that you can change rights
when you're a short guy that could add to your confidence and Indians these
tips really come down to confidence so that's why right but it'll also make you
feel more good you will have more energy and with more energy you can also do
more and people like people who are more energetic and also sleep the minimum of
sleep really is eight hours and don't take it for me but a boob that I could
recommend this why I will sleep I met you Welker it's a book about all thing
that we know about sleep and it really shocked me actually you know people tell
you sleep is in accordance but no one really tells you how important to this
and that book just reads it's shocking but to come back on points but sleep a
lack of sleep will make you look less attractive I mean yeah you look older so
enough sleep equals to you looking better and also your energy you know
it's how many times more up if you have slept the minimum of eight hours which
not a lot of people actually get to I don't think there's a lot of not
good-looking people actually you know world it's just because through smoking
not sleeping enough not eating good being overweight that people make
himself look ugly and you can do something about that right so do
something about it be an interesting person and you could
become an interesting person you can become that right by doing something
interesting even travel for example I've traveled many years all over the world
and whenever I meet someone here in Belgium from another country I
immediately can connect with them and talk with them about their country and
and people immediately find me interesting because of that fact not to
say that you should travel just to be interesting right you should also travel
because you have a love for the world enough trap and for traveling but if you
travel it makes you a more interesting person and besides that of course like
having hobbies right I mean I'm very much into mountain climbing and into
climbing and and bouldering I go and climb out sites with friends and so you
go on trips for a couple of days and you have things to talk about to people
someone who does things is more interesting to keep talking to also like
your career like if you're at a party like an often asked question that you
get is like what do you do if you have an interesting job and interesting gana
means something that that sticks out of it writes something that's different
than others people their jobs for me like I I have my own startup I've
created this educational platform of life where we provide education that you
don't get in school right and I'm the person always sticking out of it because
it's very different than what most people do so it immediately makes me
more of an interesting person and again I don't I don't I didn't start it
because of that reason right I started because of my well personal reasons I my
love for wanting to make a change in that but either way it makes me an
interesting person because it's different and it's something new it's
something not a lot of people has have heard about also my education as a
licensed Ramah therapist when people ask me what I studied it's also something
that not a lot of people have done and it makes you really stick out so people
don't in the end remember me from for my Heights everyone remembers me for what I
do for you as well maybe you are currently not
a lot of interesting things there are so many things doing in world and in life
that you will have a love and passion for but you might have not just
discovered it go on the Internet's and look for cool hobbies to do or new
hobbies to do and really give them an extra and experiment with it or travel
or you know get really competitive in sports start doing competitions in
running or something challenge yourself it's really about that and the more you
challenge the more you will grow and the more interesting you will become as a
person and the more people will be interested to want to know more about
you so again good tip here to follow up on so the next step is be interested in
them now this ties together with the last tip but it's the other side right
everyone likes it when when someone asks questions about you and you get to tell
more about you so the way to actually show interests is by asking more
questions to that person if for example that that person you're talking to you
know drop the hint that he or she loves to paint that right there you could use
to dig deeper and you can ask like Oh what kind of peonies do you work on and
that gets the person to talk more about its painting something that they are
passionate about something they love and if if another person feels like oh that
other person shows interest in something that I love they are going to like you a
lot more too and then you can go even deeper and it's like oh maybe can you
show me any of your work or what are you currently working on you know there are
so many questions that you can ask on that and for the IPS project so the
start-up that I've created we also have a YouTube channel where I created a
video on how to have better conversations where I actually dig
deeper into how to ask better questions but I will link it down in the
description as that's where you will learn and and where I will actually
explain much more in depth how to ask better questions if you really want to
deepen your conversation with another person that's the way actually to do
that to ask quality questions and show interest to them and you will become
more of an interesting person you know the more you listen and the more you ask
questions and the more you ask about them the more interesting you become so
that's a another practical tip here for people to just completely forget your
Heights and remember you as the interesting person you are because you
took time to listen to them now I feel super-confident actually and
no I did not feel confidence when I was younger and all like I was super
insecure confidence is a skill it's something that you you can practice you
can become better at it and for everyone right everyone become can become more
confidence and you do this by putting yourself in uncomfortable places and
doing those things and getting experience points and it's really you
know small steps right a skill you level that up you level that up by getting
experience and that experience will at some point level you up and you become
more confidence and that way you build it up more and more by doing again
uncomfortable face now you know everyone is something that they're not too
comfortable with you know currently for me yeah like I mean I used to be afraid
of heights like a lot and I don't know if you've watched any of my other videos
here especially my vlogs then on this channel but I'm quite a lot into
mountain climbing and so you know when I tell people that who know me that I'm
afraid of heights they're all like no you're not but it's honestly true I'm
really used to be afraid of heights now it's different but it's true climbing
true getting more comfortable and through knowing what I can do in such
situations that I've gotten over that fear I feel more comfortable and I'm
less afraid of heights through that but it's because that I'm less afraid of
heights now that I also am more confident as a person this is really how
you build confidence also traveling from EF I mean since I was 18 I've travelled
for like seven years or hundred world-beating so many uncomfortable
situations not unpleasant ones right uncomfortable just like making new
friends in a place where I knew no one as an example right you gotta come out
of your comfort zone to do that and by doing that you build your confidence
look at you and think what is something that you're afraid of
but that you really want to do take every year is a challenge maybe to work
on a specific fear that you're that you want to do actually but you're afraid of
and take it as a goal that year to get more comfortable at it try a variety of
different ways to do it this confidence in those areas where you're
uncomfortable in and not s confidence when you get more confident in then then
you as a person in general will become more confident as well because you know
what you're capable of you know yourself better when you're in party it will
radiate from you when you feel just confidence people will see it at how you
stand and how you look and how we talk and how you Pollock get more confidence
and people will remember you of your confidence and not your heights and a last tip here a less practical tip
that I wanna share is stand up straight and yes this ties together with the
previous practical tip if you you know stand up straight you also feel more
confident and there's great that's all by Amy Cuddy if I'm pronouncing that
name correct and that goes into the science of how your body language
communicates with your brain and you know if you stand up more straight or if
you do like the superhero pose you will feel more confident and I will I will
let her I will link the video actually down below in the description so you can
check it out where she can get into the more the signs and reasons why your
brain will also think you are more confident when your stands up more
strains as I will not do a good job on doing that or explain that here check
out the TED talk if you have not watched it or if you've watched it maybe it can
be good to watch again and but also the reason why I want to have this as less
practical tip here is that you could be taller that you might think I mean that
there are like okay so if I would sit like this year right with my shoulders
more more down with my neck more lower like that I'm shorter right I mean if I
would stand if I would sit now I'm just straight I mean right now I probably
will get out of frame but I'm all of a sudden taller by just sitting up
straight but the same holds true for when you stand so there are definitely
people who walk more like down with their head and low who could be a lot
taller or a couple of them in like a centimeter or two or so like it's all
her by just standing up more straight so maybe you do that I don't know but it
could be a good thing to pay attention to and don't overdo these rights but
just stand naturally you know just then naturally stand up straight put your
chest a little bit more outs not not crazy right because that's just
ridiculous but just a little bit more you could in fact be taller than you
might be if you would just stand up a bit more straight so do it there's also
the additional benefits of course that it's good for your back which I
don't think matter too much now for in this video but host of reasons to do it
so yeah see if you can stand up a bit more straight if you don't guess you
will like it alright so those were the practical tips that I had to to change
what you can change right those are things that you can change and do
something about to become altogether more of a confident person but there's a
few more things that I want to want to add here and those are more like pieces
of advice not per se practical tips but more like live advice I guess on being a
short guy and the first one is being a short guy really serves as a
filter definitely happens that guys that don't know me that you can see that they
think less of me in the beginning because I'm shorter than them and so
they immediately feel like I'm lesser like that it serves like a filter
actually to me and also with girls right if a girl looks down on me and thinks
less of me because I'm shorter that serves as a filter and you gotta ask
yourself as well or that people that you really want to have in your life are
that really people you want to have in your life that don't that aren't able to
look more broadly and not just judge a book by it's cover I don't want people
like that so that's why it serves for me as a filter and maybe you can see this
you know being a short guy more as a gift as well a gift in the way that it
can help you to filter out people in your life I don't know what's worse
though being short or being short – but I don't want people in my life that are
short minded and then another piece of live advice
that I've discovered through years is this is a little bit of a practical one
too I guess but I mean Indians you know when people tell me it's so so funny
when people tell me like oh you're a short guy it's always like what do you
want me to say on that but when people actually tell me that
now and it's not like it happens often but sometimes it happens I think they're
more thinking out loud right when they say that I even most of the time respond
like well I mean it depends where I go like I might be a short guy here in
Belgium but if I go to Mexico I'm generally quite I mean I'm quite the
average Hyde actually or for guys so it really depends where in the world you go
so if you really don't like to live around people that are taller than you
you could in fact move to another country that could be maybe more of an
extreme er thing if you really would move out for that reason you are trying
to maybe more escape something you gotta be able to also be okay to be around
tall people and be okay with yourself but I can definitely get that it's nice
to be more around people who might treat you more as equals
you might feel more equal by the fact that everyone is around the same height
so you know move to another country it's an option the last thing here to finish this video
off to the last life lesson here of being a short guy Heights doesn't
determine anything okay now this is super important to remember and to
really put in your head there is a super inspiring video on YouTube by Nick Forge
in ski I'll put it down he's a guy born without any limp so doesn't have arms or
legs any one of his speeches which he was giving if I remember correctly to
high school students and I'm paraphrasing you're right but he said
that he doesn't need arms to hold someone's heart and I think I mean it's
such a beautiful thing because it's so true you don't I mean you don't need to
be told to to be able to give love or to receive love right you don't need to be
told to be able to do that but the same you don't need to be told to have work
ethic like that comes from inside you right by internal motivation for what
you want to change or do or accomplish and you don't need to be tall to be very
strong in your mind or you don't need to be told to be
physically very strong I mean there's rich Hungerford he's an ex SAS commander
for the podcasts of the IPS project so my startup I've actually interviewed him
and he is the same height like me I've met him in my travels when I was in
Australia so he has a survival school and I participated in a survival course
which was called warrior program and it was basically an extreme survival
training where we had to survive for I was like eight or ten days by ourselves
like he was it was amazing but he was the same height like me and everyone in
the group it was a small crew price of just three other guys and then me but
everyone just when you when you spoke as quite everyone just listens he had
this calmness his confidence you didn't want it to mess with him you just saw it
in his eyes that there was something that you didn't want to mess with him
even though it was a short guy but I had so much respect for him there was so
much wisdom I think that episode that podcast episodes that podcast episode of
the IPS podcasts I mean the episode itself is just incredible but he he was
an example for me that the show as well that doesn't determine anything what you
can accomplish if you can't immediately accept the fact that your shorts look
for other people like inspirations role models other people that are about the
same height like you there's so many successful actors so many successful
writers athletes and the preneur s– that are short guys who have
accomplished incredible things and it's really about you know looking at them
and acknowledging that height doesn't determine anything it doesn't determine
your success in career it doesn't determine your success your relationship
in your life and how many girls you can do it in whatever it doesn't determine
anything how many friends you can have how much people respect you height has
nothing to do with that it's all from inside you and how big and tall you want
to become insights and so focus on that focus on developing yourself insights
and growing there because there's an endless amount of growth that you can do
insights so focus on that I really hope this video that I was able to to install
a couple of good words and some good tips here that are helpful you know let
me know in the description if this video was helpful and it may be you know if
you have some other tips and pieces of live advice from being a short guy that
you could share with everyone else all the other short guys watching we're
in this together right so you know drop it down share everything which is all I
would love to know your take on this video and if you have any other tips or
pieces of being a short guy I would love to know
it myself so hereby it's all not loss to be a short guy there are things you can
do there are some benefits to it as well and there's an endless amounts of
growths that can happen inside you so focus on that

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