He received unexpected kiss from Sang Zhi | Hidden Love Ep16 | 偷偷藏不住

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Duan Jiaxu tried his best to pursue Sang Zhi
with unwavering determination and a lot of love. He often playfully teased Sang Zhi. There was even a time when he asked her if
it would be all right for him to kiss her, but Sang Zhi declined his request at that
time, saying that he hadn't pursued her enough. Well, there are many heart-fluttering and
cute couple moments coming in the upcoming episodes of the drama, and what I'm about
to share here is definitely one of them. Due to their busy schedules, neither of them
was able to spend much time together or hang out.

One day, Duan Jiaxu decided to surprise Sang
Zhi by going to her class and pretending to be a student, sitting next to her. Sang Zhi was taken aback by this unexpected
encounter. Trying to stay composed, she pretended to
be asleep. At that moment, Duan Jiaxu took the chance
to lean closer and give her a gentle kiss on the cheek. Sang Zhi suddenly opened her eyes and looked
at him in disbelief. She was stunned for a few seconds as if recalling
what just happened at the moment. She immediately asked him why he did that. Instead of answering her, Duan Jiaxu innocently
asked, "Huh…What did I do?" Sang Zhi was speechless as she remembers her
colleague giving her advice, saying, "If he teases you, tease him back.

Without hesitating, Sang Zhi leaned forward
and kissed him on the cheek, saying, "I mean this?" Actually, Duan Jiaxu didn't expect to receive
such a response after kissing her..

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