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I finally found a Coffee that’s honestly as natural and healthy as it is delicous! FlavorBean Have you ever noticed a bitter, metallic taste in your flavored coffee? While many think that the bitter taste results from the roast of the coffee, it is actually produced by a chemical solvent — propylene glycol — used by all other manufacturers in their flavoring systems.

The Chemical Solvent-free Solution
Flavorbean has eliminated the use of this petroleum-based solvent, and instead utilizes a revolutionary process: they naturally infuse actual flavor ingredients directly into the world's highest-grade 100% Arabica coffee beans.

Delicious Results
No flavored coffee on the market can even compare with the smooth, luscious taste of Flavorbean. From Almond Love to Mint Chocolate, from Black Forest Cake to Vanilla Macadamia Nut, their flavored coffees — as well as our traditional, organic, and Swiss Water decaf coffees — have a depth and smoothness that is truly beyond compare. They are proud of their accomplishment and I say well done!



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