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How do we move from a world where we only value riches and fame to one where we value life and good health? Shouldn’t we all be living lives of value, of health, of purpose? Great Values is about more than great savings on things we want to buy although we strive to bring you that too, this site is about valuing what we have in life and living a life of great value!
We believe we can create a better world together by learning to live healthy balanced lives creating value for others and adding beauty around us. That’s the mission of this website and we hope you’ll come and spend time with us now and then to share it.

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Add value to your life with great works of art

Make your life more beautiful!

Der Niesen

Der Niesen Art

Der Niesen Art Print by Paul Klee. Product size approximately 28 x 20 inches.

Purple Poppies Windowsill

Purple Poppies Windowsill

Description Purple Poppies Windowsill Art Print by Danhui Nai. Product size approximately 28 x 22 inches.

Cloistered Portico

Cloistered Portico

Cloistered Portico Art Print by Mayte Parsons. Product size approximately 28 x 31 inches. Available at Embrace your Space – your source for high quality fine art posters and prints.

The Wave

The Wave

The Wave Art Print by Pierre Doutreleau. Product size approximately 34 x 23 inches.

Books For A Better World!

Every book you buy another book is provided free to a child in need!

Reading is a great way to add passion and purpose to your life and lead of life that adds value to the world! Live life fully!

Stumbling on Happiness

Think anew about Happiness!

The Radical Lives of Helen Keller

The Radical Lives of Helen Keller by Nielsen, Kim / Kaye, Harvey J.

Several decades after her death in 1968, Helen Keller remains one of the most widely recognized women of the twentieth century. But the fascinating story of her vivid political life–particularly her interest in radicalism and anti-capitalist activism–has been largely overwhelmed by the sentimentalized story of her as a young deaf-blind girl. Keller had many lives indeed. 

What an important story to tell and share!

Are We Good Citizens?: Affairs Political, Literary, and Academic

Harvey Kaye presents a critical and democratic perspective on American politics.

Imagine how you’ll feel when you download your paperless awesome book and know that another book is being given to a child in need!

Health & Happiness!

Adding value to our lives is not just about finding beautiful art and new toys to buy that bring us temporary happiness.  It’s about living a healthy balanced life where we value ourselves and our time we spend.

Finding Your Passion

Watch Leo!

Get a Love & Relationship Reading

Hey this is just for fun!

This gentleman Leo is very engaging and authentic, and more importantly he’s right! Finding our path in life that brings us purpose is incredibly important. He offers some great insights on how we can align our lives with our inner passion and experience a healthier more fulfilling life.

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Happiness Giclee Print

I really like this artwork and the message is one that resonates as true for me!

How do we align what it is inside of us that is true and passionate with what we do in life, with our thoughts and our words? Wouldn’t all of us be happier and healthier if we strived to achieve this?

This beautiful print is available for sale to be framed beautifully and shipped to your home!